Labor Day Weekend

I couldn’t find my camera for a couple of days (cleaning out the car helped though) and I am knee deep in getting my art projects ready for Hawaii…sorry for no posts for a couple of days. I know you live and breath to read my blog so it must have been difficult. Tim’s family came in for Labor Day weekend. We went to Indianapolis and rode one of those 6 person bikes around the canal and then went to the NCAA museum. It was a gorgeous weekend. It wasn’t too hot…just the way I like it. Tim and I were recently talking about how blessed we are to like one another’s families. We can honestly say we really enjoy being around the in-laws.
They all left on Monday and then we went to the zoo with the Andersons. We knew Danny & Jackie in college. Now 10 years later, here we are serving in ministry together and living in the same. state, who would’ve thought? It will be fun to watch our families grow up. This is the Anderson’s youngest child, Ruby. She is 2, and her and Isaac are buds.