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Over this past weekend we went to Milford, Michigan to my dad’s house. He lives on a lake. How would you like to wake up and look out your window and see this every morning?

Or take a step off the deck and stare at this…

Or watch your husband and son enjoy the thrill of catching a fish at any moment in the day?

There is something about being on the lake that “does it for me.” I love being on a boat, tubing, skiing, and kneeboarding. I even love the slimy feel of lake yuck between my toes. It looks like my daughter doesn’t mind it either.

We managed to squeeze in a few yard sales and caught the Salvation Army’s big Labor Day sale. I have never in my life seen a Salvation Army so ginormous. I scored a vintage chair for $20 for my guest room that I can’t wait to get some paint and fabric on. Can you imagine it with a coat of Heirloom White paint and some new fabric?

Hopefully you won’t have to imagine much longer and I can get it done this week. I am so excited to transform this baby. And just to whet your appetite here is the fabric I plan on using.

While window shopping in downtown Milford I came across a sign that spoke to me. Here is your deep thought for the day…
Stay tuned tomorrow for a giveaway of my new favorite product!

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  1. Your daughter is a cutie 😉 Thanks for the pics!!! She did change a lot.

    What a dream house: I'd love to live there too 😉

  2. beautiful location, beautiful daughter, beautiful chair. You have it all ;-). Looking forward to seeing you revamp!

  3. You found a chair!!! And for $20 that is fantastic!!!! Can't wait to see it finished! It is very similar to the one on my blog you commented about! Woohoo! Enjoy!

  4. Looks like you & the fam had an awesome time! Great find on the chair…looking forward to seeing it all done 🙂

    Enjoy a fabulous weekend!
    ~Michelle 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness– Kayla looks like Isaac!!! When did that happen?! She looks so different from when I saw her in May. Glad you all had a good time. The lake looks gorg!! I think it's just begging for a girls' weekend sometime…

  6. You were about two hours from me… I live in Kalamazoo, MI.
    Looks like you enjoyed your visit. Nothing is better than a fresh water lake in Michigan!

  7. Yes! I do want to come over!! I think that we could have lots of fun together! Too bad we finally sold our home in IN. Just 2 years ago and we probably could have been neighbors!! Well, we still do have family there…hhhhmmmmm? Could be fun!!

  8. I WOULD LOVE to wake up to that view! just beautiful! your baby girl what chunk a munk, I want to squeeze one of those cheeks… gently of coarse, and if I could. I love the chair, and the fabric you chose.. can't wait for the re-do!

  9. What a great find! I can't wait to see the "after" shot of that chair. Still… I have to do my six in my dining room. Oh well… I'll get to them soon. Good luck!

  10. ooooo that chair is going to look awesome when you are through with it. i can see the potential. how fun!!

  11. Love the photos – especially the one where it looks like she's having a small taste of "lake yuck" HAHA!
    I'm glad you took that sign to heart when you re-repainted the chair. (while I think green would look nice, I think it also would make the room less fun and feminine)

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