Here is a fun handmade ornament that will be fun throughout the years.   Inside is filled with special family memories that will be opened up year after year to be shared.   It takes simple supplies found at any craft store….

Here is a great idea for a co-worker, bus driver, neighbor, mailman, etc.   It is a time capsule ornament.



Spray Primer

Krylon Cherry Red Spray Paint

Wood Napkin Rings (found at Hobby Lobby)

Wood Circle Disc (found at Hobby Lobby)

1 3/4” screw

acorn nut



wood glue


drill bit

I purchased a bag of Colonial Style Napkin rings and a bag of Wooden Circle Discs.   They were half off so I got both for $3.   This will make 8 of them.

photo1photo 2

1.   Using wood glue attach one of the discs to the bottom of the napkin ring.   Wipe excess glue. IMG_1451


2.   Drill a hole through the middle of one of the discs and also through the glued disc at the bottom of the napkin ring.   Spray primer and paint the entire thing.   Take time to paint it slowly so you avoid drips.


3.   Embellish it how you wish.   I added some ruffled ribbon with hot glue around the middle of of the ornament. IMG_1669

4.   Cut a length of ribbon as the ornament hangar.   Poke holes through it wide enough for the bolt to thread through.

5.   Type out family memory questions for your children to answer.   Then have each member of the family answer them on the sheet of paper.IMG_1672 6.   Roll them into cylinders and then stick them inside the ornament.IMG_1674 7.   Put the top disc on and thread the bolt through the ribbon and then add your acorn nut to lock.   The acorn nut can go on the top or the bottom whatever you like best.IMG_1675IMG_1679IMG_1682DSC_5066DSC_5069It is so fun to open them up each year and remember the trends and things that made you happy in the past.



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  1. This is just about the smartest Christmas idea I've seen. What a great keepsake!! Just think–different colors for different years, all hung on one tree. Amazing!!!

  2. This would be fun to open years and years later when kids are much older & "cooler!" To see their little kid hand writing and things they liked years prior. What a darling idea!

  3. I love this idea! What a fun way to capture the Christmas spirit! I want to make one for each member of the family now! Great Christmas Eve activity!!

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