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Sometimes it is the little things that make everything look better.  You know…like a swipe of mascara before you leave the house, or putting a brush through your hair, or applying your favorite lip gloss.  Well in my case changing out this magnetic memo board key holder thingamabob that we have in our hallway made all the difference.  I found this magnetic memo board with hooks in the trash 3 years ago and made it over in black and red to go with our then color scheme. I have shared before that I changed the entire first floor color scheme last year.  Before I had a light aqua on the walls with lots of black furniture and red for a pop color.  I have loved that pallet for 7 years and it was time for a change.  I was wanting to switch everything to light and airy.  So I painted the walls a pale gray and kept a lot of the aqua color (I can’t get that color out of my system!) and then brought in pops of yellow.

chevron key rack holder 

In my hallway I have this magnetic memo board that we our hang our keys on and my purse as well.  My husband is a creature of habit and his keys are ALWAYS hanging up there.  In fact, if his keys are missing he knows for a fact it is my fault because he always comes home and rushes right to this board to hang his keys.  I have been wanting to redo it for 6 months now.  Since it was such a quick and easy project it fell to the bottom of my list because I thought “that is so easy I can do that any ole day.” 

redo key rack holder

Well I was sick of looking at the red and black so yesterday was the day I decided to tackle it.  I love quick and easy projects that I can do while the kids are at school and hubby is at work.  And then BAM! they come home and there is instant change.  My husband even noticed this change the instant he came in, when usually, I have to play the “what-did-I-change-while-you-were-gone” game with him.

So I took the board down and removed all the knobs and hooks and then took the fabric off.  I decided to use the same technique and top coat color from the sofa table I did last year.  I first applied Sante Fe Turquoise chalk and clay paint (CeCe Caldwell).  I purposely just put the paint on the board without care for brushstrokes or which way the strokes were going. 

sante fe turquoise

This process creates some great texture.   

sante fe turquoise chalk paint

I then followed that by a coat of a custom color we mixed with Blue Montana Sky and Simply White.

chalk paint key rack

While that was drying I used this gorgeous blue, gray and yellow chevron from Online Fabric Store (Premier Prints Zoom Zoom Summerland).  I love this fabric so much.  We used it on my mega card wallet too.  I just simply pulled and stapled it all around.

chevron fabric

After it was dry I used a sanding sponge to reveal some of the Sante Fe Turqoiuse and black underneath.  I LOVE IT! Then I put a coat of clear wax over the top which really brings out the distressing and helps protect the paint finish.  You just paint the wax on and buff it off.  After 24 hours I gave it another buff to bring out some shine and make sure it is all smooth. 

cece caldwell clear wax

And that my friends is like a swipe of mascara in my hallway.  MUCH BETTER!  What is that swipe-of-mascara project you have to get done that you have been putting off?


chevron key memo board 

My cousin made me this awesome wallet with a key wrist chain for my birthday.  And of course, it matches the board perfectly.  So cute!

chevron key holder

And let’s take another before and after look….

key rack holder

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  1. It really does make a big difference adds way more character to the space, love the colors ~ Lisa

  2. I love it! Our keys/mail/wallets/purses go everywhere. Wish I had a station like this to keep it all in one place.

  3. Try checking out your local thrift stores, yard sales, etc for a piece to refab. You can find all sorts of hook racks around that just need a little love. 🙂

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