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Happy summer ya’ll.  We have been enjoying weather in the high 80s this week in Ohio.  While we have the insanely awesome blessing of a pool in our backyard to cool off at any minute I wanted to highlight a few products to keep cool in the summer that I think you will really love. These products are made by a company called Arctic Cove.

By far my favorite product of theirs is the 18V Bucket Top Misting Fan which retails for $99.97, although it looks like it is on sale for $79.97 right now.  You basically hook the top up to any 5 gallon bucket filled with water (or use your hose for continual water flow).  You can use just the fan or the fan and mister too.  I was building in my workshop yesterday when it was 89 and sunny out and I was dying.  So I grabbed the fan and had it going and would just turn on the mister when I needed a quick cool down.  It was awesome – clearly you can tell by my cheesy face when I turned the mister function on!)


What in the world?  I am like a kid!


My kids have been selling lemonade and cookies for extra money and it was super hot out (boom they made $34 in sales!) so I brought it out there.  Of course they feel like it is a sprinkler and stick their heads as close to it as possible.  I kept having to remind them to back up and share the mist! HA!  But it made the heat so much more bearable.


(The boys are also wearing the cooling towels from Arctic Cove below)


While it might be annoying to travel with a 5 gallon bucket of water to say, a soccer game, I bet all the soccer moms and dads would love you when you turned it on.  The cool part is it uses an 18V battery so no need for electricity.  If you have any Ryobi 18V batteries it is compatible with those too.

(battery charging)


The most versatile product from Arctic Cove, and the one I think you will want most for your backyard is the Polar Party which retails for $199 (giveaway below!).  I know that seems pricey but this is a music, light and misting tower.  So it is a pretty good value when you realize all it can accomplish in your backyard.


We haven’t used the mister regularly yet since we have it on our back deck by our pool but we use the speaker to play music every day. What is a pool party with no tunes?  And the cool part is I just enable it to a play song on my Iphone.


When my husband and I go on the the porch at night we use the light, and again this uses the same 18V battery as any Ryobi one and gives off plenty of light. 


There is some assembly required and you need to buy some play sand to anchor it so it doesn’t tip or blow over with a strong wind.

In order to use the misting feature you just add a 5 gallon bucket filled with water underneath and turn the mister on.  Pretty cool huh?


I give two thumbs up on all these products and am excited to offer one lucky winner a Polar Party Music, Misting and Light Tower. 

For a chance to win leave a comment below telling me what feature most excites you about this product.  For extra entries head on over to Instagram.

This post is sponsored by Arctic Cove but the photos, cheesy pictures and experience with the product belong to this gal!

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  1. I neeeeed this!! Lol I’m in Tampa, Florida and we melt 9 months out of the year! Pick me! Pick me! Haha love your sites and your creativity, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. The feature I love the most would be that it is not electric and that there is no need to plug it in and or have to wire it and that it uses the ryobi one plus batteries and this week it will be 110 here in Phoenix and that mister would sure help ☀️

  3. Holy cow, this thing rocks! My favorite feature is the mister! We live in AZ and during the summer any extra way to stay cool is needed! It would be perfect for our little patio and help us stay cool since we do not have a pool. Crossing my fingers!

  4. Love sitting outside and watching kids play. With no yard trees, this would be better than having a shade tree. Love the misting feature.

  5. Love everything about this! We would definitely put it to good use, using it to listen to tunes! We are always in the yard working on projects, playing, and entertaining, so having that to listen to our favorite tunes is perfect! The mister is the perfect added bonus on those hot days 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaway!

  6. I love the fact that it is a speaker and a mister and a light! That’s craziness!!! So fun!

  7. We see lots of triple digit high temps where I live. We compensate by saying “it’s a dry heat.” Cool mist is always welcome during our summertime. I could see spending more time outside on my patio with a sweet treat like this!

  8. This looks awesome! I would love a cool mist and music playing on my patio!

  9. I LOVE everything about the Artis Cove Polar Party it would be great on the deck to keep us cool in these Hot Oklahoma Summers. Love your website

  10. Umm all of it! Music? Mister? Glow? In one?!?! Wowza, perfect for hosting an outdoor shindig. Love it.

  11. All the features are nice but I am most excited about the misting. We recently moved to out new house and this would be a great addition to our backyard to keep our kids and guest cool from the Texas heat. The music option could make me very happy too!!

  12. We live in NV and we are just getting into the miserable heat of the summer… The mister would be awesome!!

  13. I love the fact that is has so many fantastic features, the mister for cooling off, music because listening to tunes is the way to go, and having the light at night is a super bonus. All compacted in to one area. 🙂

  14. Now THIS is cool! I love that it plays music, so I guess that’s my favorite feature, but I am honestly so impressed with the whole thing!

  15. So fun! Would love for our backyard, especially need the light for our back patio!

  16. I’m excited about every aspect!!!! Would be great for pool parties in the back yard!!!!! Pick me please!!!

  17. For me it would be the mister, hopefully it would help with the “skeeters”. They eat me alive! Also the music would be lovely when I need some down time from tiling the guest bath , it’s killing me. Thanks for the chance to win.

  18. Wow! I have my grandkids for 10 days while their parents go away for their 10th anniversary. We are having a heat wave with heat indexes in the upper 90’s- low 100’s. Humidity is terrible. It has been so hard to get them out for exercise so they sleep well. This would be awesome! Music to get them moving and mist to keep them cool.

  19. I really like how the mister keeps you cool and you can enjoy your favorite tunes, too!

  20. My favorite feature is the battery power. We have quite a bit of land, and getting power out a ways isn’t easy!

  21. The best thing about this for me would be the mister. It gets hot here in Utah and it’s also dry.

  22. I love all the features, but the mister would come in extra handy for us! I live near Phoenix, and the temps here mean my kids very rarely play outside in the summer, unless there is water involved!

  23. I love the music feature! We are always taking out a little boombox, but this, with the water spray, would be so nice! My boom box doesn’t have a water spray….

  24. The music feature is my fave! Definitely an unexpected surprise. I know my kids would love it!

  25. i LOVE the misting feature. Living in Florida, that could be life saving!!!!!

  26. I LOVE THIS! I have hoped someone would invent one of these. I live in AZ, where it’s hot 10 months out of the year. I always see the heater stands, and thought it would be super to have something like that, but for cooling—and here it is! And I LOVE that is is portable (non-electric), so I could use it practically anywhere! What a great product! I hope to win it and put it to some great use all year round!

  27. I love the misting capability. It is a great all in-one piece for your porch or deck.

  28. i live that it runs on a battery and it’s so portable because of that. We would love this! Thank you for the opportunity!

  29. I love the sound and mister! I am always gardening outside and have little portable speakers I drag outside. The problem is they’re not meant for the outdoors so I have to bring them back inside. They’re also lightweight so easily knocked over and the battery life is just ok. I’d love a cooling/refreshing station with music loud enough to follow me everywhere!

    Of course it would also be a huge hit when people are outside playing in water or we are bbqing. I’m talking myself into buying one as I type LOL

  30. What a great idea! I can see using this by the pool, on my deck, front porch, the list goes on! Love it!

  31. I love that you don’t have to plug it in and the music feature. This would be incredible! Sweetinsahmnity at gmail

  32. I love love love this!!!! This is the best invention since sliced bread. My family would use it all the time. I love the music feature. My grandbabies love to dance. Dancing without sweating, what a perfect world!!!

  33. I love that this plays music! Living in Texas it gets really hot and humid! Of course the mister is an added bonus! We love being outside and with this we could enjoy the outdoors in a cool way! 😉

  34. The misting feature! I’m one of those wimpy Pacific NorthWesterners, and I am not used to this unseasonably hot weather we have been having. This sounds heavenly! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  35. I love that it mists & plays music. When I win? I’m seeing a poolside dance party in oir future! 🙂

  36. This product is awesome!!! I live in Florida and it can be uses all year around. It would be a blessing to have this for outside cookouts to be cool and listen to good music.

  37. We live in Florida where we really need these products since our temperature is already over 95f.

  38. Make no MISTake, I like all the features, but cooling off in the south is a great feature.

  39. Love love LOVE the misting and music features! It’s 100+ every day during the summer, and working on the back porch is brutal. No air circulation, and my phone speakers leave much to be desired – can’t have those earbud wires hanging around my neck during tool use!

  40. I like the mister and the light. Even at night it can be muggy and buggy! Super cool with all the features. I have plenty of 5 gallon buckets too!

  41. The music and misting features are so great! It’s nice to have an all in one system for cool air and cool tunes!

  42. I love the misting! We love to spend time outside in the summer but with an infant it can get too hot. This would be great to keep everyone cool!

  43. The misting feature is the most valuable for myself that I can see!!! Here in Indiana lately it has been crazy hot and humid everyday and this would be ideal to set out by the pool!!! Would love this to add to my backyard!!!

  44. I love the misting feature. It is already in the mid-90s here in Georgia. Throw in the humidity, and it’s almost suffocating to be outside. A little mist would surely make it more bearable!

  45. Living in Texas with 100 plus heat…everything excites me about that mister!!

  46. My grandsons & their friends play a LOT in our backyard. It’s so hot here in Florida right now, so this would be perfect to help them to stay cool.

  47. The thing I like most about this and all other arctic cove products is that they are compatible with ryobi batteries. And living in south texas it gets 100+ over here and this would be awesome on my back porch!

  48. OMG I would LOVEEEEE to WIN THIS!!!!! I have 3 boxers and do a lot of boxer play dates with my friends in the summer this would really help keep them cool. Also I would love this because I do a lot of landscaping I could take it with me on jobs. Thanks you

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