Eye Candy

Jen is an amazing decorater, she could totally be a interior designer. Her house is total eye candy for me. We have different styles mostly but I totally appreciate the regalness and richness of her style.

One of my favorites is her children’s bathroom, this is totally my style! I love the dots and stripes with the turquoise, brown and lime. She took the lighter turquiosey-blue color and painted the walls which is so inviting. But the best part…here’s a few cheap thrills for you.

Jen flipped over a canvas frame. She painted the outer edge black. She bought some different size circles and painted them up with coordinating colors. She also bought wood letters, painted them and then glued them in place on the canvas. Nice original art piece for a fraction of the price.

I thought these bath pictures of her cutie patooties was fitting for a bathroom and just fun to bring into the decor.

Ok now this is the coolest idea ever. I think I am going to steal this idea. Jen looked everywhere for a valance to top her shower curtain but didn’t find anything she liked. So she made this little diddy.

She bought foamcore and cut it to size. Then she stapled (with a staple gun) towels around the foamcore. Then she stapled black ribbon loops to the back. She covered the backside with the ribbon so it wasn’t an eyesore. Then she stapled the valance to the ceiling. Isn’t that cool?

Stay tuned for more eye candy tomorrow!