Tim had me convinced that this little baby was a boy. When we got to the ultrasound appointment he said, “Show me the boy parts.” The ultrasound tech in jest said “Hold your horses, I want to do my job first.” So she measured the head, saw the 4 chambers of the heart, the brain, the placenta, the umbilical cord and spine. Everything looked great. And then she said, “I see parts but not the parts you want to see,” talking to Tim. And I immediately started giggling and Tim had this weird look on his face and said “What do you mean?” And she said “It’s a girl!” Tim’s heart skipped and beat, his eyes bugged out and he turned pale. The whole time I am laughing hysterically. I wish I had his reaction on video, it was priceless. It was like he was in denial or something. The ultrasound tech said she would bet her job on it that it was a girl…she was pretty confident. Tim is such a phenomenal dad to Isaac. Dads like Tim need a girl. Girls need good daddies. All children need good daddies. But girls especially.

So I am going to be a mommy to a girl! Oh-me-oh-my! I always wanted just boys until I had Isaac and he satisfied that need. And then I wanted a girl but I would have been content with whatever the Lord wanted for us. BUT I AM OH-SO-EXCITED!

Bring on the pig tails, pink frills, big bows and puffy dresses…I want it all.

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  1. Beckie’s having a giiiiiiirrrl!!!! Woo hoo! I want one! I’ll see to it that she’s a “girlie girl”….Auntie Lindsay and Stephie will show you the way little one!

  2. Oh I’m so excited for you! Tim will be an awesome daddy to a girl.

    I always wanted boys. I just knew more about boys. But….I think I’m a good “girl” mommy in lots of ways. You are a great mommy Beckie and I’m so excited for you. Can’t wait to see her!

  3. Congrats! I’ve got three boys, so no mommy advice here!!!
    Dream of pink frilly dresses tonight!

    Hugs, Brienne

  4. I love it! Im so excited for you guys! Its so awesome to have both it truly is a blessing! Love you guys! I wish we were there to see her enter this world!

  5. Congrats Beckie (Tim too). Girls are special — I know from experience. Another grandbaby to spoil! I am soooooo happy for you both!

  6. how exciting, beckie!! Congratulations! what a great description of Tim’s reaction. You know, the thing I’m excited about the most in having a girl is seeing Ryan with her…yep, girls need good daddies! Congrats again.


    I am soooo excited, honey!! 🙂
    Couldn’t help myself….already bought 4 cotton PINK sleepers! (hehehhehe)

    Sweet Isaac is going to be such a great big brother to her. It will be so sweet!

    Hmmm…….better check to see if I still have that short leash I used for you and your sister. You’re gonna need it when she turns 13 to about…..oh say 17.

    Congratulations, lovey!

  8. How exciting!! I had my boy first too and then got a girl. Oh me, oh my. Girl’s are SO MUCH FUN! Oh, and SO MUCH DRAMA!! 🙂 Mood swings and all though, girls are fun.

  9. Congratulations – gotta say that seeing her girl parts on the first ultrasound might tell you something about her personality! I fully expect a head full of red hair on this princess.

  10. Oh congratulations! What a blessing to have the opportunity to be a mama to a boy and a girl! I have one of each and it has been an amazing experience to parent each of my children–their needs are similar in some ways and vastly different in other ways.

    ~ Sarah

  11. i see lots of crafting in this little girl’s future! congratulations, Beckie and Tim!!! you’ll be awesome parents to your daughter!

  12. Girls are so fun and so special! It’s an amazing responsibility as a mom to raise a Godly little girl! Congratulations!

  13. Congrats Beckie!! You will LOVE having a little girl! Just think of all of the fun crafts you can do for her! And most importantly I am so glad everything looks great on the ultrasound!

  14. Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you (and me!!!)Beckie. Dad wants to know if Tim’s dream for her will be to be the first “female” kicker or if he’ll let her be a cheerleader??!! I can’t wait to finally get to buy girlie things and think of the doll houses, cradles, etc. that Dad will be making. Although she’s going to have a hard time keeping up with Isaac. He is pretty amazing!! What a fun time for him to have a little sister to stick up for. We love you! Mom

  15. Congrats! How exciting! I wished you could have taped Tim’s response too. I thought it was a boy too. They way you were feeling.

  16. Congrats! That is a blesing for you and Tim. For real girls need good daddies. I learn that more and more… why is she getting notes from boys in the third grade???? We had a girl first – and she really set the tone in a way for how I now react to her three younger brothers…
    WOW! Congrats again!

  17. As a mom of three girls, I wish you lots of luck..Lol! I don’t have any boys to compare, but let me tell you, raising a girl is a wonderful blessing and also very challenging. The mother/daughter relationship is complex so far. I wouldn’t trade any of them. They are just giving me too many gray hairs. Lol!

  18. Hmmmmm….I dunno, Terry. My older brother used to drop-kick me like a football, almost daily.

    Ok Ok……..maybe helping myself to his new sweater (bulky sweaters were ‘in’ back then), and pushing him out of a tree and breaking his arm may have aggravated him a tad, but hey, so I used poor judgement on ocassion. Big deal, right?

    All I know is black and blue were my colors until I was like age 14.

    Beckie baby…..teach your children well (tra la la la la). 😉

  19. As I told you on the phone….Congratulations! I’m so excited for you guys. I wish you had the video of Tim too…I’d love to see that!

  20. That was so me! I wanted all boys… three to be exact… and then I had my son… and all while I was pregnant with him, my mom kept pointing out all the adorable girl stuff. So luckily I got a little girl too! And she’s a joy! I know how close my mom and I are… so I look forward to hopefully have that close of a relationship with my daughter!

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