It’s Been 6 Months

Well we have officially been in Indy for 6 months (I can officially call it Indy because I am now a Hoosier). Since making the transition from our old role at SV to a new role at ECG it has definitely been harder to connect and build relationships. I think the main reason is at SV we had a weekly meeting hubby had to prepare for and a staff of about 35 to care for. We were always trying to reach out to the 35 and build community among them. Therefore, we always had fun social obligations (going to “THE BIRD,” having game nights at our house, playing softball games, inviting couples over, etc). Since moving here I get excited if we have one social thing on the calendar every two weeks! But I am starting to realize I have friends now. Wahoo! I am having a few more dates on the calendar to work around, and I am starting to feel a circle of friends around me. This is exciting to me. Let me tell you about some of the excitement..

1. *Sweetheart – this is probably my closest friend since we have known each other for over a decade. She balances me so well because she is compassionate, slow to speak, merciful, and tender. All of those words would not describe me. So we just are a good match. Plus our little ones love each other like siblings. She is soooo easy to talk to and even easier to be around. I could be in my jammies with no make up on and still feel like me.

2. *Preggers – her and her hubby are one of our “easy” friends. We can call them last minute to hang out. They are always up for an adventure, they have a solid marriage, THEY LOVE TO PLAY GAMES – which makes them even more lovable to me. They are fun, funky, young, and energetic.

3. *Sunshine – she lights up a room by her mere presence. She is so funky. We have a lot of similarities but we are extremely different in why we are similiar. Example…she cooks from scratch like I do but she does it for health reasons, I do it because I am a cheapskate. She is very encouraging, doesn’t have a negative word to say about anyone, and is the most optimistic person I have ever met.

4. *Redhead – I have a fellow red-headed friend who was also born and raised in the Chicagoland area also. She is giving, kind, respectful, loyal, and lives only two blocks from me, which is super convenient. I can’t wait until spring to take walks and bring our boys to the park. Plus she has a lot of the same goals as I do so we can help each other and encourage one another.

I also have *sparky, *spunky, *momma, and *doll face who are all the other pastor’s wives who I adore. Plus we are adding another one. I don’t know her too well yet, maybe I will have a name for her soon. That’s for another post.

I am just grateful to the Lord for how He meets our needs for companionship, friendship, and accountability.

* names changed to protect the innocent