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This project is for the geek in us all.   Do you know someone who is obsessed with their IPhone?   Make some Iphone app magnets for them. Made with printed online images of the apps onto white cardstock and some Dimensional Magic they are simple and easy to customize. 



Square magnets

Mod Podge

Mod Podge Dimensional Magic

3M Sanding Sponge

Exacto Knife

Self-Healing Mat

App Icons Printable


1.   I had some magnets from a friend who is a pharmaceutical rep. He gave me a couple of sets years back that was just in my stash.   I used a razor blade to remove the drug logo from the magnet.

Iphonemagnets (3)Iphonemagnets (5)

Note: If you can’t find square magnets you could always use Scrabble tiles to adhere your images to them and then add a magnet on the back.   They are not perfectly square but would work in a pinch.

2.   Then I just searched online for the different IPhone icons and then sized them to fit.   I used Microsoft Word and printed them out in color on white cardstock.   Click here for printable.   You can click on each icon and adjust the size if you need to.

Iphonemagnets (6)3.   I cut out one of the icons and used Mod Podge to glue it in place.   The image is a tad larger than the magnet. (I had to use the Angry Birds icon because I think the fascination with the game is hilarious).

Iphonemagnets (7) 4.   After it was dry I flipped it over and using an Exacto knife and a self-healing mat I trimmed the excess.

Iphonemagnets (9) 5.   Then I used a 3M sanding sponge and sanded the edges of the paper downward (as to not remove the image from the magnet) to make it all nice and trimmed.Iphonemagnets (17) 6.   Lightly coat the top of the image with regular Mod Podge to seal the image.   Once dry, spread Mod Podge Dimensional Magic on top starting around the edges and moving inward.   I put on as much DM as it will handle without running off the edge.   So it is a nice thick coat.   Iphonemagnets (18)

Iphonemagnets 7.   Leave it on a flat surface to dry for 24 hours.Iphonemagnets (16) 8.   When dry the icons are imbedded under a shiny bubble.   Package them up and give them as a geeky gift.


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  1. Thank you for such a great idea!! I know exactly who I am giving this to… my cousin and her husband! They will love it!

  2. Such a perfect gift idea for my techno geek hubby-he will never see them coming. I might have to make myself some angry bird app magnets too-I looove that game 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I actually bought these for a friend from Urban Outfitters. What a great idea to make them yourself! Thanks!

  4. Very Creative-my computer geeky husband would L-O-V-E these. Thanks!

    Came across a very useful app the other day actually. Want to share the luv. It's called CardStar. You input all your shopping cards: Grocery discount cards, Best buy rewards, library card….etc. etc. It then makes the bar code on your phone, freeing up space in your purse/wallet.

  5. How fun is this!! Love the idea, and it can be used for so many different items. Thanks for the directions!!!

  6. Yet another reason why I LOVE you even more….my hubby will love these, especially the angry birds…LOVE!!!

  7. These are so funny and thanks for opening my eyes to mod podge dimentional. I have never heard of it, but now I've got to try it.
    These magnets would be the perfect gift for my mac cousin who almost quit his job when they went from apple to ordinary pc.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love the angry birds one! my geeky hubby would love these. HMMMM his birthday is coming up i think this would be a fun project for my teen daughter to do!

  9. Thanks Beckie for posting these! It was just in time for Valentine's day. 🙂 I made these for my husband– he LOVES his iPhone! He thought what a great idea these were. He even said- Such a great conversation starter!!

    Thanks again!!


  10. These are too cute, Beckie! Where do you find dimensional Mod Podge? I've been searching for it and our Michaels/AC Moore does not have it.

  11. So funny! And I really love the angry birds one too! I'll have to do something like this for my son – he is obsessed with his itouch!

  12. These are fabulous. I'm going to make these for myself…since I'm an iPhone addict!

    Your newest follower, from Tatertots and Jello linky, Jessica @ myworldmadebyhand.blogspot.com

  13. This is a great project Beckie. Just thinking how fun these would be for a teenager's room. Not that I have a teenager, but boy that would be cute 🙂

  14. these are just fantastic. I am a self-confessed Iphone addict so I will be definitely making these for my fridge. Thanks for the idea!

  15. Thank you Beckie for including the printable to make these app! I made a set for my kiddos and their new “teen lounge” that I am creating. I think their awesome and they do too. I have a post going up tomorrow where I share my version and a link back to you for the idea! Thank you again!

  16. Thank you so much for the great idea. I just finished making them and waiting for them to dry. What a great idea and our son will love these. Easy, they look great and it is wonderful to make a one of a kind gift!!! Thanks again, very much appreciated!!

  17. For others who have made this already, where did you find thick square magnets? Or did you use the Scrabble tiles as suggested? Thanks!

  18. My daughter is making this for her uncle. We just printed out the icons and will be gluing them to the backs of some little glass tiles I had on hand. They are a perfect little gift! Thanks so much for sharing!

  19. I love this idea, and will be making some as Christmas gifts for a few of the guys in my family. I was wondering though where you found the nice clear container to store them in. I have been looking all over for ways to package them up – and that one seems perfect!!

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  21. I made these and it worked out great, except that the images bled and look pretty bad. I read over the tutorial again and realized I forgot to seal them with modge podge! Fail.
    I used a roll of adhesive magnets from JoAnn’s and cut them square to fit. I got the rounded edges by cutting them really slowly and carefully with scissors.
    I’m ripping the images off of the magnets and I’m going to try again. (At least I don’t have to start completely from scratch.) They did look okay, except for the blurryness. I’m sure they will look great once I re-do them.
    Thanks for sharing!

  22. What a fantastic idea, my brother would love this if I made it for him. Hope mine turns out as good.

  23. If you can’t find dimensional magic use super gloss in a thick layer, looks just as good. My girlfriend and I did this project and it’s so fun! She drew her own icons of anime and cartoon characters too!

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