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This DIY Table Holder for car tutorial will provide backseat passengers the perfect excuse to stay calm and silent (yes, I have experimented it many times now).

I have seen many car holders you can buy so you save your time and effort to make your own. But let me tell you: nothing beats the satisfaction of making it yourself. 

You can do nearly everything on a device now and with touchscreens, you don’t even need to do anything for the kids anymore. Even if on a car trip, they can play games, use apps, watch movies or whatever and you don’t even intervene!

In fact, my stats show nearly 40% of you are reading this post on your Ipad or tablet 😉

Do I have a treat for you today! As a mom, I know the struggle of trying to keep my little ones entertained during long car rides. But this DIY project will revolutionize your road trips. 

That’s right, we’re going to make a tablet holder for your car’s headrest to allow passengers ont he back seat forget about the road time. 

So buckle up, put on your crafty hat, and let’s get started. Just make sure you don’t start crafting while driving – safety first, kids!

How do you make a homemade iPad holder?

Well, here’s how I made mine with some fabric and cardboard. Very easy and pretty if you ask me…

No need for suction cups (that never work) any knobs or headrest mounts and the best of all: You can easily dismount and even wash it! (we know how those little dirty fingers after eating cookies do to our stuff, right?).

Ipad holder for your car's headrest



  • 2 pieces out of your fabric that are 10″x 8″
  • 2 pieces of the same fabric 3½” x 3½”
  • 2 pieces of the ¼” elastic into 3″ pieces (more than you’ll need)
  • 1 piece of 1″ elastic that is 15″
  • 1 piece of cardboard 9½” x 7″
ipad holder
how to make an ipad holder

Step-By-Step Instructions to Make a Tablet Holder

1. Take the 3½” x 3½” pieces and fold them into triangles, wrong sides facing and press.

ipad car holder

2. Sew these triangles in the bottom left and right corners of one of your 10″ x 8″ pieces along a 10″ side.

3. Take the ¼” elastic pieces and sew them in place along the top left and right corners measuring 2″ from the corner along the top and sides.

ipad headrest holder

4. Take the 15″ piece of 1″ elastic and sew in place in the very center of both 8″ sides of the rectangle (reinforce stitches since there will be a lot of stretch on these).

tablet case for car

5. Sew front and back pieces together with right sides facing, along bottom and both sides, leaving the entire top unsewn.

tablet holder for car

6. Turn right side out and press.

7. Turn the open edges along the top, under ¼” and press.

tablet case for car

8. Insert the cardboard (it should be a perfect fit with a little room to spare to sew shut).

ipad case for car

9. Pin the pressed edges together, covering the cardboard and sew across. I did the triangles along the bottom edge instead of elastic because this will be holding the bulk of the weight of the IPad and I therefore wanted this to be stronger than a ¼” elastic would be.

I didn’t do all 4 corners as triangles because I wanted to be able to insert the IPad into the triangles first and then stretch the top elastics to fit over the it instead of stretching out all 4 triangles each time I wanted to get it in and out.

tablet case for headrest

**Another idea I had was you can leave the holder in place even while the iPad isn’t in it and then insert a mirror for baby to check himself out!

Insert your Ipad in and attach it to your headrest in your mommy van.

ipad holder for your headrest
ipad holder

Stretch the 1″ elastic over the headrest and let your kids enjoy the movie.

tablet case for headrest
ipad case for headrest

If the car you have just isn’t the right fit then you might be better off selling it.

If you decide to sell it you can contact a company like Junk That Car who will take the car in any condition (sorry fancied to fit a joke here).

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  1. Oh I love it, also pretty sure mine would only play Frozen for the back seat veiwers 😛

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! I just made one for our Christmas road trip. It will be showing Frozen the whole time, I’m sure!

  3. This is brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing. I’ll be making one of these tonight!

  4. This is great. I plan on making one for our upcoming road trip.
    Would you change anything to use it for the littles that are rear-facing?

  5. Hi Sabreana, I am so glad you can use the tutorial. I would just make sure the elastic will fit around your headrest. If it’s similar to mine in the picture, I wouldn’t make any changes.

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