How about that for a name? You didn’t really think that I would pick out that name for my baby girl did you? I hope not, I have got waaaay better taste than that. (I apologize ahead of time if your name is Agnes). I wanted to introduce you to Agnes Stylist my new, but old sewing machine. Aggie was found at a local yard sale. She had a nice cover on her and it said “Free, I work.” I couldn’t believe someone would discard a beauty such as herself. But their loss is my gain. Here she is in all her glory…

Well let me tell you about Merritt. Merritt has been good to me. Merritt was the machine that was passed down to me by my mom. Now don’t go getting all sentimental when I say that. I know you have visions of my mom teaching me at a young age how to sew with this machine. Yah. . . didn’t happen. In fact, I don’t remember in all my years growing up if she used Merritt. The only reason why she gave Merritt to me is so she could say, “Baby since I don’t have a sewing machine anymore could you make me some curtains?” If she had Merritt she WOULD NEVER make curtains. I got my creative gene from a long, lost generation or a gene defect or something like that. My mom has many talents including burping on command, (ok I am just kidding about that one) but anything creative ain’t it. Back to Merritt.

Now everyone I know who has attempted to use Merritt hates him. Maybe it is because in general terms a girl sews better than a boy, I don’t know. But everyone curses him and says he is good for nothing. But Merritt and I have been friends for a long time. I wasn’t willing to put a sign on him that says, “Free, I work.” I am a bit more loyal than that.

Singer trivia…the man who started the Singer company was named Isaac Merritt Singer. Thus the name Merritt is born.

Anyway after attempting to have my cousins use Merritt, Linsday said with disgust, “This machine sucks.” Merritt got his feelings hurt and really started acting up for her. So I said, “Well I got a free sewing machine that I have never even looked at if you want to try that”. So I opened the case (expecting a dead mouse or something scary to fall out) and out shined Aggie! We plugged her in and she was smooth sailing…I mean sewing. Lindsay loved her and gave her a kiss and now I have a new friend named Aggie.

Don’t worry I am not getting rid of Merritt. I am just going to take him to the doctor and see if we can give him some growth hormones so we can enhance his performance. Maybe they make Viagra for sewing machines. LOL!

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  1. You had a funny bone today! That was really funny. My grandma was Aggie. My parents thought about naming me that….fortunately they decided to think about it rationally before they actually did.

    Only you could score a free, working machine. You go girl.

  2. You are funny and a big welcome to the family to Aggie!
    I’m glad that’s not your baby girls name. Congrats by the way!

    Now, Baby…..would you make me some curtains?

  3. Darlin, sweetheart, boogie, honeybunny, babycakes, sweet pea, punkin…..?

    Did you just besmirch your momma’s good name…?

    Didn’t we once make something out of popsicle sticks when you were six years old……? That was 12 minutes out of my life I will never get back.

    I’m just tellin’ ya… :p

  4. You definitely had me there! I for sure thought that was your new baby girl’s name.

    Awesome find! Love those blessings. We recently got a free pool table!

    I’m sure you’ll be making that baby girl some curtains!

  5. Hahaha, I am going to have to think of a name now for my sewing machine! Maybe Heidi since she is a Viking (swiss company). That is awesome you found a free working sewing machine! I have been coveting a serger! Any luck finding those free (or cheap) let me know!

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