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I love a good repurpose and today Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous is cutting up those old t-shirts to upcycle a sweet infinity scarf.   Talk about a Pennywise Present! This project literally could cost you nothing if you just grab an old t-shirt from your closet to repurpose.   It adds a pop of color around your neck and allows you to get some mileage out of something that most people would just donate and throw away. PennyWisePresents


hi there! i’m Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous. i’m excited to show you how to make a super easy gift for any gal on your list… easy infinity scarf! now before i talk your ear off, let me introduce myself for a second. i am a real craft addict. i won’t lie. i craft. a LOT. the hubs sat me down and told me i needed to do something with my obsession. so here that’s how Craftaholics Anonymous was born. my crafting philosophy is, “Crafting doesn’t have to be expensive, just creative!”. at Craftaholics Anonymous, i have a huge list of craft tutorials and i host a Handmade Gift Exchange. the next one starts November 1. {come sign up!!} ok, back to the infinity scarf. i love them. scarfs in general rock my world, but those infinity or circle scarves are so much fun! but being a short person, i can’t handle a big, bulky circle scarf around my neck. so i made my scarf kinda skinny so that it wouldn’t add a ton of weight. plus it goes with more tops this way.

i ordered this top for only a few dollars in an extra large. i thought i could shrink it to make it fit. but that didn’t work. and i didn’t want to mess with taking it in. so this large shirt was destined to be an infinity scarf! To Make an Infinity Scarf: all you need is a large t-shirt, scissors, and a sewing machine. {i know there are several ways to make these, but with the stripes going side to side, my scarf needed 1 short seam. if you cut it the opposite way, no seam would be needed!}

lay the t-shirt flat and cut a 6 inch strip from the hem to the shoulder of the shirt.

with right sides together, sew the 2 hemmed edges together and trim the excess fabric.

and there you have a super easy infinity scarf! perfect for fall, winter, AND spring! and the beauty of it is, you can make several scarves from 1 t-shirt. so that makes these scarves super cheap gifts……that are easy to make! looking for a christmas wreath idea? stop by Craftaholics Anonymous and say hi 🙂 thanks for letting me play today, Beckie!

happy {holiday} crafting, linda Craftaholics Anonymous

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  1. Super cute! I’ve been wanting some light-weight scarves (I’m short too). I love your cardigan also. Did you make it?

  2. That looks cute, and I’m gonna try it! I’m getting tired of my regular scarves falling off of me. I’d love something that stays put! (and I’m dying to know if she made that cute cardigan….gonna check out her blog to see if i can find out!)

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