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Needless to say my view of men went waaaaaaaaay down that year. I was a little naive to the fact that men could make mistakes of that caliber that could impact my life and rock me to the core.It is one thing when you make mistakes that have a negative effect on your life, but it is another to have to suffer consequences for someone else’s poor choices. I was so angry.

I was angry that Ryan was living a double life. I was angry that he was telling us to live one way while making choices to do the exact opposite. I was angry because of the huge hit Christianity took that day in the eyes of many disillusioned teenagers in the youth group. I was angry my dad left my family. I was angry that he didn’t tell me himself. I was angry that my dad’s choice was to leave my sister and my mom at home with me so far away. I was angry that my dad wouldn’t fight for his marriage or his family. I was angry at the poor choices, with no thought of the consequences, that these men made. I was angry that my faith seemed so small while my pain seemed so huge.

I was literally sick to my stomach. One of the girls on my drama team, Kaley, was a huge support to me during that time. When I was in the bathroom, wretched with emotion and ready to vomit, she sat there praying for me and hugging me. She was the voice of truth to me during those times when I couldn’t think straight or have the strength to pray. She would call me to check on me and made me get out of bed when I wanted to pull the covers over my head. Everyone needs a Kaley when they are going through a time like that. Someone who will make you shower 🙂 and face each day, telling you to take one step at a time.

Commercial break…

OK I NEVER DO THIS SO HUMOR ME!Kaley just launched her new site. Not only is Kaley an amazing woman of God, one of my besties, and a phenomenal wife and mom but she is the DEAL QUEEN. Please show her some love today by checking her new site out and making it one of your daily stops. I never ask you to do anything for me. It would bless me to know all of you at least told her hi, wished her good luck on her new endeavor, and thanked her for the role she played in my life. Please….

Cha-Ching on a Shoestring

By the end of the September I was so exhausted. I needed a break from my all-consuming reality. I tried my best on the discipleship weekends with my Youth Quest team to still remain positive and tell teenage girls about the hope of Christ. In my core, I still believed that to be true. I just questioned what His purpose was in all this.

I finally got to the point where this was either going to make me or break me. I finally had an “all out” with God. If you have never had an “all out” with God, it will totally leave you changed. I poured out my heart…all the pain I felt, the disappointment, the aloneness, the abandonment, and just weeped for over an hour. It was such a cleansing moment. God brought tons of Scripture to my head about His faithfulness, strength, purpose, and healing. He met me in that place that day, and I started my journey of healing.

Ryan was sentenced to three and a half years in prison for his sexual relationship with an underage girl. The state of Illinois used him as an example, and he got a lofty sentence that was harsher because of his level of influence. The name of the girl was public knowledge, and my name was clear, not that the assumption didn’t hurt less. However, I did get a few apologies from people. That was nice.

These blows took me on a whirlwind ride. I learned never to put a man on a pedestal. I also learned that God is faithful when we are faithless.

Through this time I was questioning marriage and relationships in general. Can you ever really trust someone? Does God really have someone out there for me? Can a man be faithful? Will someone fight for me in a marriage even when its difficult? Is there such a thing as ’till death do us part?

On October 10th I made a commitment not to date for three months. I figured the timing would be perfect, and I would have a date for Valentine’s Day. 🙂 In this time frame I decided I needed to work on being content without a relationship in my life and work on the “inner me”.

I know three months may not seem long to you, but you have to remember I had someone in my life since seventh grade. Three months was going to kill me! This would be a world record in my life. I also felt the need to give up make-up for a time.
Disclaimer: I do not recommend this nor endorse this as the way to experience inner beauty ladies. I just really felt like I was so wrapped up in outward beauty that I needed to make a drastic change. It is something I felt God call me to do.

The first time I left my dorm room without makeup I literally felt like I was walking out naked. It was frightening. However, wearing no make up was a reminder to me that my focus was on building character qualities in myself that would stand the test of time…character traits like love, peace, patience, kindness, self-control, perseverance, and faithfulness. God’s word became alive to me. He took me on a journey through His word, and that was my lifeline.

Most Christian women have read Proverbs 31. Verse 10 reads “A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.” Something hit me in this verse that never did before. If someone is supposed to be found, that means that someone is looking! If a wife is supposed to be found, then it is the man who is looking! I learned that I am not to be the one pursuing and out on the hunt. Somewhere along the way I had become a hunter. That was not what God wanted me to be doing! That special someone was supposed to be looking for moii! And I am going to be worth more than rubies! So what do I do to make myself worth more than rubies? Somehow I knew the things I was doing to make myself beautiful were not of lasting value.

So I was now on a search to be more valuable than rubies. Then God brought me to Phillippians 3:7-10 “But whatever was to my profit I now consider loss for the sake of Christ. What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them rubbish, that I may gain Christ and be found in Him, not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but that which is through faith in Christ–the righteousness that comes from God and is by faith.

Did you catch it?!?!?Oh sweet women, I can barely type fast enough. I get so excited talking about this. Let me help you “But whatever was to my profit I now consider loss for the sake of Christ. What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them rubbish, that I may gain Christ and be found in him not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but that which is through faith in Christ–the righteousness that comes from God and is by faith.

Do you get it now…in order to be a woman of noble character that some godly man would want I need to be found in Him. That means I didn’t need to rely on my looks or my glowing personality or any other earthly thing that could change with a mood swing or the passing of time. If I truly wanted the type of husband that would be searching for a Proverbs 31 woman, I needed to be found in Christ. I wanted that more than anything.

The author of this passage is saying that any earthly thing or worldly trait is garbage compared to Jesus. Dang, I could preach this message all day long people. I am ready to hear an “Amen or a “Whoop Whoop!”

Now don’t hear me say I wanted my future husband to think I was a bow-wow. I wanted him to think I was beautiful on the outside too. However, I wanted what caught his attention to be my heart and love for Jesus. I wanted that to be the overriding quality that made him fall in love with me, not my cute striped shirt with my overalls and bows 🙂 (I definitely had a love affair with overalls and bows).
God laughed, I am sure, when I said I would go three months without dating. He was probably like “Girlfriend, it is going to take you a lot longer to be content without a relationship in your life!” So for those three months I did my best to will myself into contentment without a relationship in my life. I got asked out four times in those three months. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wanted to get my ego stroked and to go on a date but I held strong. After that God must have put a vortex of ugly around me or something. No one asked me out for 14 months. 14 months!?!?! NOW THAT WAS A WORLD RECORD! Somewhere along the way I didn’t care though.

I wish I could tell young girls do step one, two, and three to be content without a guy in your life. But it wasn’t that easy. It was a conscious decision to wake up and choose Christ and experiencing His will for my life everyday.

Somewhere in those fourteen months I woke up and was just so excited about my relationship with God that nothing else mattered. In my heart I truly was able to say “God if you never desire me to be married you are all I need and all I ever want.” I meant it wholeheartedly. It was the hardest lesson I ever learned but I wouldn’t trade those 14 months for the world now.

God helped me let go of my anger and healed my hurts (although I still have the scars so I can be reminded of His healing). I also learned not to lean on ANY earthly relationship to find my value. I was slowly learning about compassion, how to let go of hurts, how to have mercy on people when they make mistakes, and not to judge people. I think those things are pretty beautiful don’t you? That is inner beauty people!

I didn’t take this journey alone. Much of the road I did have to walk by myself but Kaley and others were cheering me on from the sidelines.

I won’t leave you with another cliffhanger today. I will be nice. But I will leave you with a preview of tomorrow…if I could title it I would call it “a love worth waiting for.”

I know you didn’t visit Kaley yet because I sucked you into my story…so go there now. Please!

Cha-Ching on a Shoestring

And thanks for listening to my soapbox today. I will carry His message to the grave. HE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR YOU whatever you are going through.

Big, squishy hug to you today from me 😉

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  1. Chrissie Grace says:

    This is my favorite of all the installments so far!

  2. Wow! You did what I wish I could have done. I was pretty much always dating someone from the time I was 14 or 15 until I got married. I dated my hubby for about 7 years before we got married, but I did date 2 other guys somewhere in there when we were “off” during our on again off again relationship. I know everyone’s situation is different, but I always wanted to be like that, able to lean fully and totally on God and God alone. And I think I did for a short time in there, but I don’t think I ever got the same feeling as you! I am loving your story more and more each day =)

  3. CaLLie.ANN says:

    You are so darling, and your love for God is OBVIOUSLY ginormous. Sucks you had to go through all the shitty things to get there, but awesome that you are totally happy and content with things now. You are a gem.

  4. YES HE IS!! Preach it sistah! 🙂 It is amazing to read your story bc it’s really all of our stories. Jesus is in the business of changing lives. We were created to walk with Him and when our souls find Him, we find EVERYTHING! Thank you for sharing and being so transparent.

  5. Mabry's gamma says:

    I think there are LOTS of things in everyone’s past that they regret but it makes us stronger and who we are today. I also think some where along the way we (or most of us) have a better relationship with Jesus because of our pitfalls, you were brave enough to put yours out there and I applaud you for sharing with all of us. Now I will have to tune in tomorrow (like I do every day) for the next Real and Raw. I haven’t even been reading a book because your story is so good.

  6. You are tugging on my heart so much! Our journeys were similar in a lot of ways! I, too, took “time off” from dating and told God that if He wanted me to get married, He’d have to bring the guy to me and the guy would have to pursue me because I was DONE! He blessed me so much during that time, and because of it. You get an AMEN and a WHOOP WHOOP from me, sister! 🙂

  7. I continue to be amazed by the intimate nature of what you’re sharing with us. But today I am blown away by the way you thought about, prayed about and sought change in yourself and the meticulous way you went about growing closer to God.

    I’m already following you, but I am going to bookmark this particular post and read it frequently, because I think I will find new meaning/new inspiration in it each time I read it.

    Going to visit Kaley now.

  8. Shelley @ My Treasure Hunt says:

    What an awesome testimony you have…thanks for sharing all of it. I loved this part…and the poem that you mentioned on the bathroom stall- I received my first copy of that in college also. Can’t wait to hear your love story!!

  9. Cha-Ching on a Shoestring says:



    (and vortex of ugly??!hahahahahah!)

  10. A group of my friends and I are reading Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s soul and this entry really reminded me of that. Have you read it?

  11. Kughn Family says:

    I can so relate to your journey. My parents divorced when I was 5 yrs. old and I was always in a realationship. I ended up marrying my high school sweetheart but there were many MANY times that God forced me to knock him off the pedastal that I put him on. Do you minister to young girls? Everything that you are sharing is what I am trying to get my 10 yr. old daughter to realize. You should write a book for young girls on these issues. I would definitly buy it!

  12. Oh Beckie! I too could preach this same message from a mountain top! (Loved that message on the bathroom wall!) To be content. Unfortunately, not all of my hurt and pain is public knowledge and I could not write the post like you are. However, I can say that I too had to break. I remember weeping, sliding down the wall in my apartment, singing, “all of You, is more than enough for, all of me”. I remmeber the day I promised Him, He was all I needed. If I never married, was never loved by a man, it wouldn’t matter. He is my everything! And only a month later I met Steve. I truly believe God was just waiting for me to say that, and I believe He knew I ment it.

    What a story you have!

  13. Whoop!!! HOLLA!!!!

    We seriously have similar stories on our journey towards God being “enough.”

    I’m sure we were meant to be friends! 🙂

  14. I am truly enjoying your testimony.

    You are valued by who you are! I love your heart and especially am proud of you for putting it all out there. Way to go girlfriend!

  15. Denise ~ Paper Ponderings says:

    Just wanted you to know that I SO look forward to reading your testimony!!!

  16. vortex of ugly…what a great line!

    Considering the rest of your story that really was quite a long time. that was a long time for any of us late teen early twenty girls. there is such a desperation to be needed at that time in our lives. It’s neat to hear each person’s story of how God took them on a journey to contentness.

  17. The Ousdahls says:

    LOVE the message here…You are SO right and dead on!! I wish I could write My Story as well as you have written yours =)

  18. Isn’t God amazing!! I’m so grateful for his mercy and grace. Thanks for sharing your story!!

  19. Amen Sista!!!! He is all we need. That was way encouraging, thanks for the reminder!

  20. Mrs. Querido says:

    I wish I had learned that lesson about Him being all I needed…I tried really hard to get to the Elisabeth Elliot mindest. But I never got there.

    I was OBSESSED with getting married. Now I laugh when I think of the guys I came up with who I thought were “marriage material.” When I compare my God-given man to those boys there is no contest!

    Your story is riveting..can’t wait to see who was a love worth waiting for!

  21. lightthefire says:

    Wow! It took me about 10 minutes to find the post comment button, cause it’s so small. =D

    I’m overjoyed to hear what you’re telling us.
    I found your blog, and I ended up reading the latest posts first, so I know what happens since this post.

    This makes me so excited!
    I’m 15, and I must say I felt a mismatch when I understood that you started dating people ever since middle school..
    I’m a freshman in high school and haven’t been asked out or anything. Probably some of that has to do with going to a 350 person, Christian, missionary kid school..
    So, it’s late here, and I started reading your string of posts.

    This is so beautiful, and I’ve actually thought of that myself. God won’t give me a boyfriend, which I might want with all my soul, because he wants me to depend on him first.
    And I’m learning, and when I think beyond just a passing thought about God, I feel ecstatic to go read my Bible and live the life God has planned for me..
    But I fail, I fail so much. Particularly computer time. =P
    I stay up on the computer so that by the time I’m in bed I brush devotionals off ’cause it’s late.

    I’m actually learning myself about, although it doesn’t make sense from what we’ve seen happen to other people, or even to ourselves, a bigger picture than what we see! The best plan for me right now is to marry.. say, Johnny!

    But if we just put our FAITH in God, he is so loving and he’s so happy when he sees us fulfilled and joyful, he has such better things planned!
    That’s where faith comes in. He is so amazing, and we just need to trust him and grow closer so that one day, we can rely all on him, and need nothing else.
    THEN he gives us the most beautiful things we’ve ever wished for, in love, in life, in family, because we won’t idolize those things or depend on them completely.

    I adore you, Ms.. Blogger.. Beth, isn’t it?

    I’m overjoyed to hear about what you’ve learned, and knowing how God’s plan has worked out for you.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting your story. It must’ve taken lots of typing!!!

    And Happy Mother’s Day!

  22. lightthefire says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry. Your name is Beckie!
    I hate it when people get names wrong. =/

  23. My name is Will and I love reading and looking at your page. Please contact me and keep in touch. Thanks


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