DIY Industrial Tiered Tabletop Succulent Garden

Originally inspired by Skip to my Lou’s cupcake stand, I took the project in a different direction to make a tabletop succulent garden. Succulents are probably the easiest plant to keep alive.  So for those of you who have a black thumb this project is for you.  Succulents are pretty hard to kill.  I love the greenery paired with the industrial metal tubes and end caps used in this project.  All these items can be found at any hardware store.  




Galvanized vent caps 6” and 9”

1/2″ round aluminum tube cut to 5 1/4” and 6 1/4”

#8-32 threaded rod cut to 12”

1 package of #8-32 X 1 1/4 combo round with nut

2 rubber washers 3/16″ X 1/2″ X 1/16″

11/64″ drill bit

Silver knobs

Tape measure

1.  Cut your pipe and the aluminum tube down to size with your miter saw (with a blade made for metal).


2.  Measure and drill a hole through the middle of both end caps large enough for the threaded pipe to thread through.


3.  Thread the rod through the 9” end cap.  Secure the threaded pipe at the bottom with a nut.


4.  Add a rubber washer to the threaded rod and then add the 6 1/4” metal tube on top of that.


5.  Add the smaller galvanized cap.  Secure that with a brass nut.


6.  Add the 5 1/4” piece of aluminum tubing.  Secure that with a silver knob.


At this point it may appear a little crooked…no worries we will weigh it down in the next step.

7.  Add some gravel to the bottom for weight and drainage.  This should make it stand straight as well.


8.  Add dirt and succulent plants.


This is a super easy project and is a great way to add some nature to an accent table.


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  1. I am so that girl you described! I cannot keep a plant alive no matter how hard I try. Must attempt succulents asap! And I am so in love with this tiered display you’ve created–pinning! Hope you’re having a wonderful week, Beckie!

    ~Abby =)

  2. This is adorable, but the edges of those vent caps are sharp, so it probably wouldn’t be good for households with little kids, or those who are terminally accident-prone like me. Lol My husband suggested that clear air line tubing might be cut in half to go on top of the sharp edges.

    1. Sure, you could add something like that if you are worried about it. The edges are not that sharp. I wouldn’t want have to touch it everyday, but for a plant holder I am not worried about it. 😉 Ours is also in the guest room, so my kids are never around it.

  3. I love that you took a cupcake holder into a plant holder! Such a fun, new way for succulents. They are definitely my best friend in the plant world because I can keep plants alive outdoors but not indoors. Go figure!

  4. Beckie, this is a wonderfully creative idea. I love things that are made originally for one purpose and then turned into something for a completely different purpose. Well done!

    I would add one suggestion: Drill a number of holes in the vent cap bottoms for drainage. The pebbles certainly help, but for those of us with a heavy watering hand, not having good drainage could spell death to the succulents….

    1. Perfect, because I messed up and drilled another hole in the wrong place first, so I actually do have drainage holes… on accident. Ha! Good feedback – thank you!

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