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Do you live in the Indianapolis area?  Do you have a piece of furniture that is hidden away in your attic or garage?  Did you get a hand-me-down that is sentimental but that just doesn’t fit into your décor that you want made over?  Do you and your husband constantly argue about that “piece” that one of you wants to kick to curb?  Well every month this year I am partnering with WISH-TV’s Indy Style and choosing one viewer submission to REVAMP.  It will then be shown live on Indy Style and then given back to you to display in your home proudly!

Submit your project to be considered here.


Last week we presented the challenge on air and have had only two submissions so far!  So there is a great chance I could pick yours.  Here I am presenting the challenge and of course bragging about all my Roadkill Rescue projects of the past.  If you are new to this site this little video is a perfect representation of my site.  

So submit your project today…come on people I know you have something amazing just waiting for a little DIY magic!

If you love the whole trash to treasure theme on this site have you seen my other site Roadkill Rescue?





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  1. I’m in Columbus so I’m officially going to go thrifting to find something to submit to you!

  2. I have the perfect item! I live in Indy (Lawrence) and we have a hutch that was my Husband’s grandma’s. We have been wanting to redo it but haven’t made the time for it yet. Let me know if you are interested!!!

  3. Uh…my challenge is my kitchen. I’d like to throw it away. So you can hop on a plane anytime and come visit one of your long time besties anytime!… nice spot on the show! Look forward to what challenges you take on!

  4. I’m trying to submit a pic but the site really doesn’t say where to submit it. Do I do it through here, do I email it to someone, ……..I’m so confused 🙂

  5. Do I just submit the pic by sharing it on the Indystyle FB page? I’m on it now and the only link it gives doesn’t have a way to submit?

  6. No click the arrow by the “likes” and click on contests. There is the sign up page there. You have to sign up and then upload a picture

  7. I finally figured out! I was missing the submission button on the link and contests page. Apparently I’m half blind 🙂

  8. What fun! I live in New England so can’t participate but I’m hoping you’ll post every challenge so I can admire your work. You’ve inspired me to make over my mom’s old cedar chest (made around the late 1930’s) and was worn, ruined with rain, etc. I loveto read IC; RR and KOD and always appreciate ALL you do for us! You’ve taught this grandma a few new things! Thanks!

  9. What a fun contest!! I shared this with my friends and family back home in Indy!

    -Erin Spain

  10. I submitted a chair last night. It belonged to my husband’s grandma and is currently just sitting in my mother-in-law’s garage. When is the selection going to be? The more time that passes the more excited I am to get this chair into my bedroom =)

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