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About a month ago I went to the World’s Longest Yard Sale that runs from Michigan to Alabama and got to see Krylon paint 127 things in order to raise money for Charity Wings (you can shop the yard sale here! and support this great organization).  Spray paint can certainly change an object from something that needs to be trashed to something amazing pretty quick.  I got this clock at a yard sale and it sat in my pile of stuff to refab for a while now.  As I was pondering what fun project I can show you with the Heidi Swapp Minc machine this month I remembered the clock.  And then it dawned on me to make a sarcastic “whatever I am always late clock†I saw online.


DIY CLOCK | Whatever I'm Always Late Clock


Square Clock

“Whatever I Am Always Late†clock face printable pdf or jpeg

double sided adhesive

paper cutter

eyelet setter (to punch hole in the middle so the clock hands can fit in)

Spray primer and paint: I used Krylon’s Sea Glass

Heidi Swapp Minc Machine

Heidi Swapp foils: I used rose and mint

Small screwdriver

1.  I first unassembled my clock with a small screwdriver and cleaned the glass.

always late clock before

2.  Next I primed and painted the frame Krylon’s Sea Glass – my new spray paint obsession .

3.  I had the clock face printed on white cardstock at Staples for around $1.19.  They printed it on an 11 x 17 piece of white cardstock so I had to cut it down to 11†square to fit my frame face.

free printable clock face

4.  I heated my Minc machine up to 4 for cardstock setting.

colored foil clock

5.  Then I cut pieces of foil to cover the print.

minc machine clock

6.  I ran it through the Minc machine and then peeled back the foil to reveal the shiny brilliance left behind.

whatever I'm always late clock

i'm always late clock

late clock

7.  Next I put my clock back together.  When the light hits it the colored foils look so pretty.

i'm late clock

colored foil clock

I am absolutely in love with how it turned out.  And while I am not always late I can guarantee I am never early and sometimes I am on time 🙂

free printable clock

This is my last project of 6 months of the Minc machine.  To see more projects you can do with the Minc machine check out these posts.  Click directly on the picture to go to the tutorial.




free printable road trip postcard

Disclaimer:  This is a compensated opportunity with Minc.  All opinions and project ideas belong to me.

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