Hey Everyone! Jess and I, the blogging duo from East Coast Creative Blog, are super excited to share this simple, yet majorly cool project with you today!  Last week I got back from an 8-day trip to London and Paris with my hubs. It was an amazing, kid-free trip that allowed us to do adult things like visit museums, eat at fun restaurants, see a musical, and do some shopping.  Let’s be completely honest… Europeans have mad-style! I loved all of their clothes and when Eric and I were shopping at a store called Next, he pointed out a really cool deer silhouette art and said, “You could totally knock that off!”

deer art

Let me tell you, I was so thrilled that A) my hubs is always on the lookout for blog projects and B) he knew to call it a “knock-off”.  I took a cell pic and knew I’d make it as soon as I got home.

Original Inspiration

  deer art

How to Make Your Own Illuminated Silhouette Art:

We had a few 1” x 1” pieces leftover from Jess’ planked dining room wall, so we started by cutting them down to size.  We made ours a little larger than the inspiration piece, we did a 18” x24” rectangle.

making a silhouette deer art
We painted all four pieces with some leftover grey paint.

painting a frame for deer art
While Jess was in the garage painting, I got to work on creating my deer silhouette.  I found an image on Google and then used my Silhouette to cut it on black cardstock.  If I’m being 100% honest, first I watched about five YouTube videos teaching me how to do it first! Ha!

silhouette deer
I then measured the light linen-ish fabric and cut it down to 18” x 24”.

measuring linen fabric
We laid out our wood in a simple box and measured 1 1/2 inches in for each intersection.

We started by drilling screws into the four corners.  Sorry about the lawn mower in the background- a little evidence that I live on 4 acres.

Once we had our box secure, we placed the fabric on the back and attached it with a staple gun.

We had some excess fabric, so we trimmed the edges down a bit.

One of my favorite things about the inspiration piece was the cording at the intersections.  I picked up some red and tan twill tape at JoAnn Fabrics.

We put the paper silhouette on the linen using spray adhesive.  To light it, I just stood it up near a light, but you could also use a small reading lamp or Christmas lights to illuminate it.

It looks awesome in my son’s room with his Pallet Wall, but I’m going to be using it as part of my holiday decor this month first.

I’m loving this art with the deer, but I’m also excited that I can easily swap out the silhouette shape. I already have a plan for Valentine’s Day. You can also get the full tutorials for the pallet wall and Anthro-knock-off dresser by clicking the images below.
blue front door christmas
Christmas House Tour 2012-001
Thanks so much for having us Beckie! We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!



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  1. I agree those Europeans are crazy stylish!!! Great project. Good news…you can order from Next in the US… I love their stuff, adults and kid stuff. Awesome.

  2. I love this!! I think it could be cool no matter what you chose to do with it, but I especially like the deer idea. My husband would probably love this decoration!

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