IKEA Flush Mount Light Hack

Do any of you have those builder grade brass boob lights in your house?  Yep I said boob!  They look like boobs right?  The only thing worse than boob lights is brass ones and I had them everywhere in my house.  I wanted to upgrade them but I didn’t want to spend $100 on each light since I had several of them.  I saw these $8 LYSBOJ lights at IKEA and I figured merging the two lights together would give me a great inexpensive option that looked high end.  It was so simple, all I needed was a can of spray paint, the finial from the old light and a hot glue gun.

IKEA Flush Mount Light Hack

Purchase the IKEA LYSBOJ light for $7.99.  

Don’t forget the light bulb!  I actually purchased a 6 pack here because it was cheaper than IKEA’s option.  It recommends a 60 watt bulb but I added a 100 watt equivalent LED bulb.  Since they don’t get hot like regular bulbs I felt okay with that.  Plus it is only a one bulb light so I wanted as much light as possible.  

Put your LYSBOJ light together minus the last bottom piece and spray underneath first, flip and spray the outside.  I used RustOleum’s Hammered Dark Bronze to pick up on the hardware from my DIY double barn door’s rolling track. Do not spray the bottom flower shaped piece. 

I reused the finial on the old brass light.  If you don’t have an old finial one you can buy one here.  I sprayed that with the dark bronze too.  

Once everything was dry I hotglued the finial onto the bottom of the floral shaped piece.  Then I wired my light, added my bulb and attached the bottom piece.  

This is a great inexpensive option for lights in hallways and bedrooms.  Since it looks like a flower, painting it bright pink or purple might be fun for a little girl’s room.

It also casts a cool shadow on the ceiling.

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