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Are you a morning person?  I have always been insanely jealous of people who rise early, with a smile on their face and a hop in their step.  When I wake up it is more zombie like, with sleep boogies in my eyes and no smile on my face until 10:00 am.  However, that doesn’t change the fact that my kids need to be up, ready and out the door for school by 8 am.  Trying to find routines, tips, organization ideas and tricks to make this smoother is always something I am looking for.  Making lunches the night before would probably help my stress level but I can’t seem to get my butt in gear to make it happen! IKEA understands that the first 59 minutes of your day can be a ‘maker or a breaker’.  So they launched an initiative called the First 59. The initiative allows IKEA to share expert ideas that help people like us with the first hour of their day, centered around common morning routines and key areas of the home.


To identify people’s biggest morning challenges, IKEA conducted a recent survey about Americans’ morning habits. In the results, 72 percent of the respondents said that a stressful morning affected the rest of their day, and three in four people do not have a regular weekday morning routine.  Raise your hand if this is you! {Hand raised high!}

So what stresses me out in the first 59 minutes of my day?  Well since we are in a new house the fact that there is no place for backpacks, lunch bags, library books, shopping bags, umbrellas, etc. is driving me crazy!  And don’t get me started on when it starts getting colder outside.  Then we need jackets, gloves, scarves, etc.  I have got to find a solution ASAP.

I am always running around the house looking in different rooms for all of the things that both the kids and I need to get started on our day. So that is my dilemma.  If you follow me on Instagram you saw I am in the process of building lockers for our family which will help some, but I still need a plan for non-locker stuff like library books, shopping bags, winter accessories, etc.

So let’s take a looksy at IKEA and see what they have to offer to help with my first 59 problem.

This wall rail would be great for hanging umbrellas and bags.  It is colorful, which I love and eight hooks for random stuff.ikea-ps--wall-rail-with--knobs---__0276413_PE414849_S4

Under that I could put a Kallax unit with some Branas baskets, maybe even get it with casters on it so I can easily clean behind it.  That would help with gloves and scarves in the winter as well as shopping bags.


Or if I wanted to completely hide everything I could purchase something from the Stuva series.  That would most certainly hold winter accessories, backpacks, etc.

stuva-storage-combination__0278041_PE417484_S4 I have a smallish space to work with in my mudroom so I need this solution to fit in a 42” wide x 13” deep x 9 feet tall space.  If I did the Stuva it would stick out 6”, which isn’t the end of the world but it would be great to find something a little shallower.

This Grevback shoe organizer definitely is narrow enough.  Although it is made for shoes I can put bags, books and winter stuff in them easily.  I could fit two units across to give me more storage.  Plus I can use that top space for papers or mail organization.  I am liking this option.

grevbackI am heading to IKEA in West Chester, Ohio tomorrow to check out my options and I will report back with my solution.  In the meantime check out IKEA’s First 59 to be inspired to tackle your morning.  Also they have a dedicated Pinterest board for the First 59 Initiative.

Updated:  Check out the solution I found here!

Disclaimer:  This is a compensated opportunity from IKEA, all opinions are my own.

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