This weekend I spent a lot of time with my kiddos.  The tragedy that happened in Newtown, CT on Friday has had me, like most other mothers, reeling.  I have been mourning the victims I didn’t know. I have been praying for the families touched by this terrible act.  See my oldest is a 6-year old and I can’t help but think how I would feel if Isaac were ripped away from me.  We live in a fallen and sinful world and this side of heaven we all have heartache and pain.  Some is more unspeakable than others.  But heartache and pain has no boundaries- we all feel it or will feel it sometime in our lives.  I am sure if I gave the floor to all of my readers we could all tell stories of deep loss and pain.



While each person has dealt with this situation differently I have chosen to pray, give and hold my babies a little tighter this weekend, because that is all I know how to do.

I have prayed for the marriages of the parents who lost a loved one.  As I know from counseling others how grief has a way of tearing people apart.  I have prayed for the community to bind together and to meet the tangible needs of the victim’s families.  I have prayed for the Lanza family whose grief, guilt and overwhelming burden to know someone they loved was capable of such a heinous act must be almost unbearable.  I have prayed individually for each of the families since the list of names have been released.  Most importantly I have prayed that God, in a way that only He can, would comfort those who lost a loved one.

I also chose to give.  If giving a little to help ease some sort of burden or provide services to this community helps I can do that too.  Here is a link to the United Way page set up to help the families of Newtown, Ct.  God bless our nation as we grieve this tragedy.


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  1. Beautiful post Beckie. I know I have been thinking and praying non-stop since I heard about what happened. And I know we all will keep the victims in our hearts and prayers.


  2. Great post Beckie. Thank you for the donation link and the reminder to pray for marriages! I wouldn’t have thought about that but I know it is so important to pray for them.


  3. Thank you for resorting to prayer. Isn’t it something we can all do? Send up a collective “Please help us understand this and how we can best be of service.” It’s been so amazingly hard for each of us to fathom….but for those living it….I can’t even imagine. Great post Beckie.

  4. Thank you, Beckie, from a CT resident who lives about an hour and a half away from Newtown. I am grateful that the ripple effect has brought many throughout the country and world to pray for those whose lives are changed forever. My two cousins who are teachers in my area are reeling and spent the weekend trying to cry it all out so today, Monday, they could stand strong for their young students (elementary age) – many of whom were no doubt allowed to listen to the non-stop news. Another cousin who attends college 15 mins. outside of Newtown…one of her professors lost her young daughter. So thank you, all, for your continued prayers for the families, the first responders…for a state that, until now, has never experienced such an atrocity. I am grateful for you all.

  5. Beckie, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Well said. Thank you for sharing this link. I have tears running down my face again as I thank you for your words. God Bless us all. Linda

  6. Wonderful post. may we remember to continue to pray for all affected by this. their lives are forever changed, and this tragedy will be hardest when the media coverage goes away and the dust starts to settle.

  7. Thank you for this post. I also worry about the marriages and family units because everyone grieves differently. It causes so much strain and when one needs comfort the other may not grieve that way which causes emptiness.

    I am doing the blogger day of silence again tomorrow.

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