I am sure you have noticed by now my red hair and pale skin. My skin just can not tolerate the sun. I am not exaggerating when I say that I can not be out in the sun more than fifteen minutes without sun screen. If I take the chance I am bright red. Most people who receive sunburns are red for a day and then it turns into a tan. My burns stay bright red and painful for at least three days and then fades to my nice shade of pale white.

I am not saying I never tan. Usually at the end of the summer after wearing SPF 45 for three months straight my skin color will be “tan.” My “tan” actually looks like the normal person’s midwinter skin color.

I remember one of my red-headed friends complaining about how she didn’t think she was pretty because she was pale. I have now learned that being tan is supposedly “glam.” It has never once crossed my mind to try and be tan so I look “prettier.” I have red-headed friends that do spray-on tans or those self tanners. I think it just looks weird. I mean doesn’t red hair and pale skin kind of go hand in hand? I am just sayin.’ Ok off my soapbox.

Since I am passionate about saving my skin’s youth and avoiding pain and agony I am a SPF wearin’, hat rockin’, umbrella totin’, sunglasses flashin’, fully coverin’ bathing beauty.

When hubs and I go on our cruises we lay out in the sun and find that spot where we can lay next to each other but where I am in the shade and he is in the sun. I have been teased about wearing a towel on my legs and shoulders when the sun is out and no sunblock is available.

I remember going on a mission trip to Mexico and wearing this huge sombrero to cover my whole body. Yes, the high school students we took down there made fun of me. But then when I took off my hat the Mexican children made fun of me laughing and and calling me “Rojas Pecas” which means Red Freckles. I guess they had never seen a red head before.

So in an effort to not burn I made a hat that covers my whole face and shoulders. Combined with sunblock and sunglasses I stay protected and it looks better than a sombrero I suppose.

It is Amy Butler’s Sky Blue Hat Pattern.It is a pricey pattern but I plan to make one each year to match all of my swimsuits so it was worth the $10 I paid for it.