I Can’t Resist Free!

Of course we did it again! The annual “Dress Like a Cow” Day at Chick-Fil-A was today and we even got my mom and stepdad to dress up. However, they conveniently trashed their costumes after they got the free food but before the camera came out. Love me some free food!

They had the ponies again and Isaac was so excited to participate.

While my mom was in Chicago visiting she went to a thrift store…that in and of itself is really hilarious if you knew her. My mom does not do thrift, but my grandma wanted to go so she took her and came out buying this hideous chair for $2.60.


So I took it apart and we bought some wood appliques and glued them on with wood glue on the front and back of the top piece of wood. I sanded it down, washed it, and zapped it with some white paint. Then I cut new foam for the seat and reupholstered it with some fabric leftover from a valance I made for my mom.

This will go at my mom’s desk in her kitchen. Total cost after makeover: $6.15