Of course we did it again! The annual “Dress Like a Cow” Day at Chick-Fil-A was today and we even got my mom and stepdad to dress up. However, they conveniently trashed their costumes after they got the free food but before the camera came out. Love me some free food!

They had the ponies again and Isaac was so excited to participate.

While my mom was in Chicago visiting she went to a thrift store…that in and of itself is really hilarious if you knew her. My mom does not do thrift, but my grandma wanted to go so she took her and came out buying this hideous chair for $2.60.


So I took it apart and we bought some wood appliques and glued them on with wood glue on the front and back of the top piece of wood. I sanded it down, washed it, and zapped it with some white paint. Then I cut new foam for the seat and reupholstered it with some fabric leftover from a valance I made for my mom.

This will go at my mom’s desk in her kitchen. Total cost after makeover: $6.15

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  1. We don't have that place here, bummer! Your mom bought the chair because she knew you would fix it up for her 🙂

  2. Love the cow masks, a friend of mine dressed up too! And the chair looks great. BTW, I already got my free paint earlier this week, that was FAST!

  3. Awesome chair! I wondered if you'd get in on the Chick fil A thing…we don't have one anywhere in the state! : (

  4. One of the best make-overs based on the sheer ugliness of the before! I love the after. It's light and bright and happy looking. Nice work!

  5. love, love the masks! your parents are troopers 🙂 chair turned out great… hope she enjoyed her thrifty-ness enough to continue finding hidden treasures!

  6. $6.15? That what I would have paid for the decorative wood here!
    I love it…and the cow costumes!

  7. I was hoping you'd post your "cow" pics again! I knew you wouldn't pass that one up!

    Love the chair! Can't believe she bought it….but she had faith in her little girl!

  8. fantastic redo! Love it when you make something beautiful out from something that's been discarded!

  9. I love it! 🙂 I have other friends who did the cow thing. I knew they were doing it, but never got around to doing all the costumes!! Great fun!! Next time we'll join you. ha ha!

  10. Honey! I love it.. love it ..LOVE IT! Goes beautifully in my kitchen at the desk. 🙂

    Thanks, lovey. I had no idea when I bought it (blink blink 😉 )that you would offer to re-do it for me.

    I wov youuuu….

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