Chicken Little

I am so tired of thinking about it, stressing about it, and wondering what people will think of it. I am OVER being shy and insecure. I am just going to do it…no turning back…no psycho analyzing. I am DONE!

My etsy shop is up and has been for months and I have been too chicken to tell you people.

Here’s my deal: I can’t sell things I make. #1 I am very cheap and never know what to charge for my time. #2 If people think my stuff is lame then I think they think I am lame…everything I make is a piece of me I guess and opening up my etsy shop means I will put myself out there.

I like to play it safe in my own little studio and make stuff for myself and my friends. I am just certain the only one who will buy something will be my mom. She is supportive and loving like that. But then there is this small part of me that wonders if I could sell some stuff to help support my crafting habit. I will never know until I try.

So with fear and trepidation…I’m open for business. I may chicken out and close it in a week but for now I am open…

okay Beckie…now just click the “publish post” button…you can do it…
breathe in….
breathe out…