How To Use The 55X5 Technique For Money

The 55X5 manifestation method is quick and relatively easy to make you attract what you desire. It involves writing or typing your chosen affirmation 55 times daily for 5 days. It can be a potent manifestation tool if used with intention and correctly.

So, how to use  the 55X5 technique for money? I’ll uncover how this method works and provide you with powerful affirmations you can use to attract the money you need. 

You can use the 55X5 method to manifest money. Create affirmations by including positive emotions thanking the Universe for providing the money you expect to receive. Write the affirmation in the present tense. Repeat it 55 times daily for 5 days and keep a high vibration to be ready to receive.  

How To Use The 55X5 Technique For Money

The idea behind this technique is that repetition and daily focus on your goal will help you to achieve it. Writing your goal these many times for 55 days helps to ingrain it in your subconscious, making it more likely that you will take the necessary actions to achieve it. This technique is used for variety of goal like self development, financial, career, relationship etc.

This method works well when your vibration is in tune with what you desire. I have also created and collected some of the best affirmations for you to use and personalize. Let’s manifest money now!

How To Use The 55X5 Technique For Money

To use it, you visualize a goal, create or select an affirmation and write it down no fewer than 55 times for 5 days. This may seem like a slightly wacky way to attract money to yourself, but hear me out. There is a sound reason behind this method.

The technique works mainly with repetition. Once you have chosen your affirmation, you repeat it a whopping 55 times daily for 5 days. Let’s put that into perspective. There are 24 hours within a day. We sleep for an average of 8 hours, leaving us with 16 hours of the day during which we can write our affirmations.

If we break it up, we must write our affirmation around five times every hour. That is a great deal of repetition. The repetition allows the affirmation to sink into our subconscious, resulting in our minds genuinely accepting that we have already received the money we claim to have received. 

The reason the numbers 55 and 5 are used for this technique is mainly for repetition purposes. The number five is also potent in numerology, and using it multiple times (55 times, 5 days, and 5 times each hour) means that the qualities of the number are magnified. 

Magic number 5

What’s Number 5 in Numerology?

In numerology, the number five signifies the five senses and the five elements. It represents a keen sense of adventure, being able to make quick decisions and adapt when necessary. Those who associate with this number are intuitive and free-spirited. 

When you work with the 55X5 method, you must maintain a high vibrational frequency. If you are acting out of fear or any negative emotion, you will likely draw negative things to yourself. 

To work on manifesting, first work on your energy. Lift your mood and set the tone for money affirmations by decorating your space and the pages you will write on with the color green, green candles, air diffusers, and green crystals like jade, peridot, amazonite, or similar.

Consider playing uplifting music and using cheerful stickers, drawings, or images from magazines or ones that you have printed out.

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The 555 Method and The Law of Attraction

Inku and Mitesh Khatri, authors of the “Law of Attraction,” mention keeping the “FTBA” concept in mind when working on manifestation. This stands for Feel, Think, Believe and Act as if you have already received what you desire. 

This is the very core belief of manifestation. Tricking your mind and heart into believing you have received what you desire. By doing this, you vibrate on the same frequency as the thing you are trying to manifest, and it becomes yours. 

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Tips for Affirmations that really Work

When you use the 55X5 technique, you must write your affirmation in the present tense. There is no use in writing an affirmation like: “I will be happy when I get $100.” This is in the future tense. Your mind and the Universe need to see it as already happening. The belief that it is already yours is the key to vibrating at the correct frequency. 

A good affirmation for receiving money is something like: “am overjoyed by the $100 I received to buy my friend’s gift.” It is in the present tense, concise, and clearly shows what you are visualizing.

The last tip we will leave with you in this article regarding the 55X5 technique for manifesting money is to start small and keep it believable. If you claim that you will receive a large sum that even you can’t believe, there is very little chance it will materialize. 

Start small and believe with all your heart that you will receive it. Once you do, the excitement will lead you to try more significant amounts. As you gain confidence, your manifesting will gather momentum. Only then will you find that you have the faith to ask for large quantities and fully believe that they are already yours.

Affirmations To Manifest Money Using The 55X5 Technique

When creating your own affirmations, be sure to add a powerful, positive emotion to the wording. Your entire being responds to emotions, which are remembered for longer than words or thoughts. 

Add the emotion to the beginning of the affirmation, and then add the money part, followed by what you would like to use the money for if you wish. The more detail you can add to your visualization and affirmation, the better. Keep it relatively short since you will write it many times a day. 

If you need guidance or inspiration with affirmations for money using the 55X5 technique, I have created and collected 20 of the most beautiful and vibrationally powerful affirmations for this purpose. 

Use them as they are; just add your own details, or use pieces of some to create your own by mixing and matching.

  1. I am thankful for the $___ I received to buy _______.
  2. I am so excited about the money I received. I can now buy the ________ I need.
  3. Thank you, Universe, for blessing me with the $____ I need. 
  4. I am blessed beyond measure, and money is attracted to me. 
  5. I feel so happy about the $ ___ I received!
  6. What a wonderful gift! I received $ _____ to buy the _______.
  7. My finances are in great shape. I accept the money I need.
  8. I feel overjoyed by the money I have. Thank you.
  9. I am so grateful to have received $__ by _____.
  10. I am thankful for the opportunity to earn $___ per week doing what I enjoy.
  11. I love that I receive what I need when I need it.
  12. I live an abundant life, and I appreciate the money that flows to me.
  13. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the $____ that is mine. 
  14. I am so excited to have $___, so I can buy _____ for _______.
  15. I am ecstatic to share my $_____ with ________.
  16. I always receive what I need. Thank you.
  17. I know that the Universe has my best interests at heart.
  18. I am so grateful for the money I have now and always.
  19. I gratefully receive this $_____ and happily pay off my debts.
  20. I happily accept this $_______ and buy ___________.


The 55X5 technique is a powerful and successful manifestation tool with the right energy and intention. Choose your affirmation wisely, and be sure that you believe it fully. Keep your vibration high with positivity and healthy choices, and be ready to receive from the Universe.

Know that the Universe conspires to give you what you desire and gives you according to your vibration. 

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