How to Use Kreg Drawer Slide Jig

Installing drawer slides can be a frustrating task, especially if you’re not a skilled woodworker. It’s easy to make mistakes and end up with a drawer that doesn’t slide smoothly or is misaligned with the cabinet. And I know what I am talking about (rolling eyes). That’s where a drawer slide jig comes in handy.

A drawer slide jig is a tool that helps you to install drawer slides more accurately and easily. It consists of a base with guides or slots that align with the edges of the drawer, and a clamp or clamping mechanism to hold the jig in place on the drawer. The jig also has a guide for the drawer slide itself, which helps you to position the slide correctly and ensures that it is installed at the proper height and angle.

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Let me take you through how to use a drawer slide jig and the benefits it offers. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced woodworker, a drawer slide jig can make the job of installing drawer slides much easier and more reliable.

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How Much Gap do you leave for Drawer Slides?

It’s generally recommended to leave a gap of about 1/16 to 1/8 inch between the sides of the drawer and the sides of the cabinet opening when installing drawer slides. This gap allows the drawer to move smoothly and helps to prevent binding or rubbing as the drawer is opened and closed.

Measure the gap carefully and make sure it is consistent on both sides of the drawer. If the gap is too small, the drawer may bind or be difficult to open and close. If the gap is too large, the drawer may be unstable or prone to tipping when fully extended.

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What’s the Difference between a Jig and a Slide?

A jig is a tool that helps you to position and hold workpieces in place while you work on them, while a slide is a mechanical device that allows an object to move along a specific path.

In the context of woodworking, a jig is a specialized tool that is used to guide the placement of a saw blade, drill bit, or other tool to ensure precise and accurate cuts or holes. Jigs are commonly used for tasks such as making multiple identical cuts or drilling perfectly spaced holes.

A slide, on the other hand, is a mechanical device that allows an object, such as a drawer or a shelf, to move along a specific path. Slides are often used in furniture and cabinetry to allow drawers and other objects to move smoothly and easily in and out of a space. There are many different types of slides available, including ball bearing slides, roller slides, and friction slides, each of which is designed for different applications and load capacities.

Can Drawer slides be shorter than Drawer?

Yes, it is possible for drawer slides to be shorter than the drawer they are installed in. This is often done when the drawer is designed to be partially recessed into the cabinet, or when the slide is mounted on the side of the drawer rather than the bottom.

In these cases, the drawer slide is typically mounted on the inside of the cabinet and extends only far enough to support the front part of the drawer as it is opened and closed. The back part of the drawer is not supported by the slide and is instead supported by the bottom of the cabinet or by other structural elements of the piece of furniture.

It’s important to make sure that the drawer slides are properly sized and installed to support the weight and size of the drawer, and to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for installation. 

Using slides that are too short or improperly installed can lead to problems with the drawer binding or falling out of the cabinet. Generally always use the longest slide possible, without exceeding the drawer depth into the cabinet.

How to Use a Drawer Slide Jig

Clamp the jig to the drawer: 

Most drawer slide jigs have a clamping mechanism or screws that you can use to secure the jig to the drawer. Make sure the jig is properly aligned with the edges of the drawer and is level.

Position the drawer slide in the guide: 

Place the drawer slide in the guide on the jig, making sure it is straight and at the proper height and angle. Some jigs may have marks or indicators to help you get the slide positioned correctly.

Attach the slide to the jig and cabinet: 

Using screws or other fasteners, attach one end of the drawer slide to the jig and the other end to the cabinet. Repeat the process for the other side of the drawer and cabinet.

Test the drawer: 

After you have attached both sides of the slide, test the drawer to make sure it slides smoothly and is properly aligned with the cabinet. Make any necessary adjustments and then repeat the process for any additional drawers.

If you don’t have the Kreg KHI-SLIDE Drawer Slide Jig, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific jig, as different models may have slightly different methods for clamping and attaching the drawer slide. It may also be helpful to have a helper hold the jig in place or hold the slide while you attach it, to ensure that everything is properly aligned. 

With a little practice, you’ll find that using a drawer slide jig makes it much easier to install drawer slides accurately and with a professional-quality finish.

How do you use a Drawer Slide Socket?

A drawer slide socket is a tool that is used to install and remove drawer slides from a drawer or cabinet. It consists of a handle and a socket that is designed to fit over the end of the drawer slide.

To use a drawer slide socket, you simply slide the socket over the end of the drawer slide and then use the handle to turn the socket and loosen or tighten the slide. The socket is typically used to attach or remove the slide from the cabinet, while the drawer is held in place by a helper or by clamping it to a work surface.

Using a drawer slide socket can make it much easier to install or remove drawer slides, especially if you are working in a tight space or if the slide is difficult to reach. It’s a useful tool to have on hand for any project involving drawer slides, and it can save you a lot of time and frustration.

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