How about some patriotic posts to kick off the holiday weekend?  IMG_0231Did you miss any of the zipper posts this week?  Click on the picture below to see my other zipper tutes…









5” blue zipper

4” red zipper

one white zipper pull



sewing machine with thread

hot glue gun

glue on earrings posts

20 gauge wire

round nose pliers


1.  Cut out the lengths of zipper you need. IMG_0217 2.  Singe the ends with a lighter to make sure they do not fray. IMG_02093.  With the teeth facing up and the needle centered sew down the side of the zipper with the longest stitch on your sewing machine.IMG_0210 4.  Tie off one end.


5.  On the other end of the zipper pull on of the strings to start ruffling the zipper.  When it is to your liking tie off the other end.. IMG_02206.  With your hot glue gun put a dab of glue at the top of the zipper and glue one edge over the other so that it forms a tear-dropped shape.IMG_0221 7.  Repeat steps 2-6 with the length of red zipper.IMG_0222 8.  String your zipper pull onto the length of wire.IMG_0223 9.  Twist the wire close to the pull and then nip off one end.IMG_0225 IMG_0226 10.  Stick the end of the wire through the top of the red zipper teardrop.IMG_0227 11.  On the backside your cut wire and using round nose pliers coil it up so the wire can’t pull through.IMG_0228IMG_0229  12.  Glue the red zipper to the blue zipper at the top.  Glue the post on the back.IMG_0230

IMG_0243 They remind me of a patriotic bunting…

One more week until Great Idea Day.  Do you have your great idea?

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  1. I'm a little bummed that we're at the end of zipper week, it's been such fun!

  2. I'm loving all these fabulous zipper ideas! The necklace is my favorite. Thanks so much for these, I'll be linking.

  3. Totally thought these were something else when I first saw the picture. Note to self, get mind out of the gutter. LOL.

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