Making resin art with dried flowers

Are you looking for a unique way to incorporate dried flowers into your latest craft project? If so, then resin art with dried flowers might be the perfect solution! Working with real pressed and dried flowers can help create truly special artwork that you won’t find anywhere else.

Making resin art with dried flowers involves three phases: preparation phase, mixing phase, and curing phase. However, it’s essential to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions and ensure that flowers are totally dried. This will avoid potential discoloration or harmful impacts.

Making resin art with dried flowers

In this detailed guide, we’ll walk through each step of the process. So that even beginners can make beautiful pieces of art to admire or gift. Or even start your own business and sell it!

Read on for easy-to-follow instructions and tips for success!

How To Make Resin Art With Dried Flowers

Let’s divide the procedure into three phases and look at what’s required in each of them.

Before that, get your materials ready.


Making resin art with dried flowers is a great way to create beautiful and unique pieces. Pieces of art to treasure for years.

To start, you’ll need your chosen dried flowers, some resin, and the appropriate molds. In case you want to make your own, then the materials for forming the shape of your artwork.

  • Dried flowers (as much as you need for the design you chose)
  • Resin
  • Mold
  • Measuring cups
  • Stir sticks
  • A silicone mold or a flat surface (such as a piece of glass) to pour the resin on

Optional: colorants, glitter, or other additives for the resin


Preparation phase

The primary step is to get all the materials mentioned above ready to make your resin art. Ensure that they’re in good condition and you’re taking note of the manufacturer’s instructions before you start the work.

Make sure it’s clean and clear of any debris. Small particles can easily get trapped in the resin and interfere with your artwork.

Clean surface

Place the materials on the craft table and ensure that the location is well-ventilated. This needs to be a flat surface so you can develop the resin art with dried flowers without any issues.

Mixing phase

  • Once your resin is mixed and ready for pouring, it’s time to add any dried flowers or other decorations you want to include in your art.

Tip: You can also add a few drops of essential oils at this step for an extra burst of scent! For best results, place the decorations and oils on the surface of the resin before you start to pour. This will help them stay put as you pour and ensure they don’t float away or get pushed down into the resin. 

  • Using a stir stick, slowly and gently pour the resin over the decorations until they are completely covered. Be sure to periodically rotate the mold or stir stick to ensure all decorations are properly encased in the resin.
  • Carefully arrange them on top of the poured resin in whatever design you choose—you can either create a pattern or let them fall naturally around each other.
  • Press them gently into the resin, so they adhere better and don’t move when touched or bumped. You may even want to use tweezers or another tool to delicately place them exactly how you want them. 
  • Once everything is evenly distributed, wait a few minutes for air bubbles to rise to the top before popping them with a pin or stirring them out with a stir stick. 
Making resin art with dried flowers

Curing phase

Now it’s time to let your artwork harden! Depending on the type of resin used and its recommended cure time, you may need to leave your project undisturbed for a few hours or up to several days for it to fully cure.

If possible, set up your workspace near an open window where it can get plenty of fresh air, as this will help speed up curing times significantly.

Once cured, remove from mold if necessary and admire your beautiful creation!

Resin art with dried flowers


For those new to creating artwork with dried flowers and resin, here are some additional tips: 

  • Always wear protective gloves when working with resin, as it can cause skin irritation if directly exposed
  • Use an old paintbrush (not one for food) to mix your resins together 
  • Keep a spray bottle of water nearby in case something spills during crafting; this will help keep everything contained 
  • Allow plenty of time for curing—rushing through this step could lead to weak spots in your piece that may break apart later on. 
  • Be mindful when choosing a place to work – pick a space where fumes aren’t likely to come into contact with anything flammable. 

Creating crafted pieces out of dried flowers and epoxy is both fun and rewarding! With a few simple supplies and techniques, you’ll be able to make beautiful works of art that are sure to bring joy wherever they are displayed.

Do You Need To Dry Flowers Before Putting Them In Resin

Drying the flowers helps to make sure that moisture does not get trapped inside the resin and cause it to bubble or cure improperly. When the flowers are wet, they can release moisture inside the resin as it cures. This can lead to a weak or brittle finished product or fail altogether.

Drying flowers before putting them in resin is also beneficial because it prevents them from wilting or losing their shape over time.

As the resin cures, any moisture left in the flowers will evaporate and cause them to shrivel up or curl up at one end like a snapdragon – this is not always desirable!

Making resin art with dried flowers

To avoid this, simply let your freshly-picked flowers sit flat on a paper towel and let them air dry until they no longer feel damp when you touch them.

This should take anywhere from several hours to overnight, depending on how moist they were when picked. 

Once fully dried, you can then place your flower petals inside the resin, following all of its instructions for use and curing time.

If done properly, you should be left with a beautiful finished product with vibrant colors and textures that will last for many years!

Can You Dip Dried Flowers In Resin

Dipping dried flowers in resin is a great way to preserve them and create beautiful artwork. It’s an easy process that anyone can do at home, and the results are beautiful.

To get started, you’ll need some dried flowers of your choice, a container of resin, and some protective gear such as gloves and a face mask. Before starting the project, make sure to read all of the instructions on the resin container carefully.

Start by arranging your dried flowers however you want them in a container. Once you’ve arranged them to your liking, take the protective gear and carefully pour the resin into the container with them.

You may need to use a stirring tool or spoon to evenly distribute it across the top of the flowers. Make sure that you cover all of the flowers with the resin before allowing it to set and cure overnight.

Once it has cured, you’ll be left with a hardened piece of art featuring your chosen dried flowers encased in resin.

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