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I love all the flowers that are everywhere right now.  They are on necklines, skirts, bags, headbands, pillows, etc.  I really enjoy trying out all the wonderful tutorials for flowers out there.  Who wouldn’t want one added to their shirt or purse?  So my challenge is to get out there and make a flower! It doesn’t have to be this project.  Just try one of the amazing flower tutorials out there.  They are addicting and perfect little gifties.
Here are some of my favorite flower tutorials that I made.

It is a big joke that you can tell how bad of a hair day I was having by how big the flower is in my hair.  I have a fascination with flowers, I can’t get enough of ‘em.

I showed you before how I knocked off Anthropologie’s Bonhuer Necklace.

Well after that I was perusing Anthropologie and I saw this beauty.

roped posies

Be still my heart. 

I knew I would never pay $38. So I tweaked it a little bit to my liking and made my own.

Supplies (this made 2 of them):
1/3 of a yard of silvery polyester silk
1/3 of a yard of silver organza
invisible thread or fishing line
silver seed beads
flower pattern (enlarged to 150%)
straight pins
velour tubing
1/4” grosgrain ribbon

1.  Fold the fabric as many times as you can and pin the pattern in place.  This is where sharp scissors are worth their weight in gold.  I got 12 pieces each time.  Cut out 30 of each fabric.

2.  Then layer the two fabrics starting with the silky stuff and ending with the organza.  I used 6 of each fabric for a total of 12 flowers.

3.  Using invisible thread or lightweight fishing line sew the seed beads on two at a time forming a circle cluster of beads in the center of the flower.

4.  When you have five flowers completed cut out an 18” section of the velour tubing.  I wanted to use ribbon to tie the necklace on to give me more options as far as the length went.  So I tucked the ribbon into the tubing and sewed it in place with the thread.


 5.  Find the middle of the tubing and start sewing your flowers in place.  I sewed through the top part of the beads and to the back so that the flowers would not flop over when I wore it.  I also sewed my flowers close together so they would buckle like the original.
6.  When I was moving onto sewing the next flower on I threaded my needle through the tubing and came out in the next section where I wanted to place my flower.
7.  I sewed all 5 flowers in place.

Now you don’t have to go out and make this necklace.  You can make just one and sew a pin or an alligator clip on it and clip it on your shirt.

Are you catching my flower mojo yet?  No?  What?  Are you craaaaaaaaaaaazy?Ok here’s some more tutorials I want to try one day…


You caught my mojo…I can feel it. Now get outta here and go make some flowers!

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  1. I love that necklace…
    and you know I'm gonna say it…

    Your boobs look FANTASTIC! Are you still nursing?
    Love you.

  2. I found your pennywise presents series last week and I am loving it so far! Another great one today!

  3. Yes, well, I definitely feel the flower craze, just have to make a trip to get some fun fabric. I don't sew enough to have an enormous box of scraps hanging around. ; )

  4. Yes, well, I definitely feel the flower craze, just have to make a trip to get some fun fabric. I don't sew enough to have an enormous box of scraps hanging around. ; )

  5. The Antro necklace has been a favorite of mine (the red version). I'm so glad you posted this, I am totally going to have to give this a try!

  6. Awesome idea. It's really Interesting. I Would love to Know more about How to Make a Flower Necklace". I really liked it.

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