Hello all! Happy Monday to you.  I have a thing for earrings…big earrings actually.  It is an inherent degenerative gene passed down from my mother.  All those times I heard my mom say “Where are your earrings?” before I left the house, has made me a believer that earrings are a must accessory.  Last year I got these really pretty purple feather earrings from Jewel Mint.  Every time I wear purple I do the happy dance that I get to don those bad boys.  Without fail, I get compliments on them.  So I wanted to recreate them in different colors and I thought I would share the tutorial with you.

feather earrings


Feathers (Bead landing – Michaels $1.99 retail)

Crystal beads bracelet set  – Michaels ($3.99 retail)

6 eye pins

2 earring wires

chain nose pliers

round nose pliers with a flush cutter

feather earring supplies

1.  Buying two different beads packs was more expensive than these stretchy crystal bracelets I found on a rack at Michaels.  They had two different sized beads on them for $2 (with a coupon – of course).  My wrist is tiny so I was able to remove the beads I wanted to use for the necklace and still be able to have the bracelet large enough for my wrist (Double booya!)

crystal bracelets

2.  I removed two large beads and 4 tiny beads from the bracelet.  Then I retied the stretchy string so I still had my bracelet in tact. I used an eye pin so I only had to create a basic loop on one end. If you don’t know how to do that Beaducation has a great free video class on it.

how to make feather earrings

3. After making basic loops on all three beads I attached them by opening the loops and adding the feathers and the earring wires and then closing the loop.

feather earrings tutorial

It takes about 15 minutes and cost a fraction of the price at the Jewel Mint ones do.  You can see the original purple ones at the top and my knock off versions down low.

feather earrings how to

All you big earring lovers rejoice!

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