How to Make Boot Socks

A few weeks ago I found a deal on those really cute, tall boot socks — I wanted three or four pairs! At $12 a pair, plus shipping, I couldn’t justify it. I found a few old sweaters in my closet that I was planning to give away, and I knew they would make the perfect DIY project. How do you like my new boot socks?

diy boot socks

I started out with these sweaters… two from my giveaway pile and one from the thrift store.

repurposing old sweaters

Old Sweaters
Trim to embellish – lace, ribbon, etc.
Thread, scissors, and sewing machine

1. I wanted my first pair of boot socks pretty long, so I cut the sleeve off the sweater beyond the seam line:

deconstructing a sweater

2. I used a sweet crochet lace to trim the top of the sleeve {this will be the top of the boot sock.}

sewater and lace trim

3. I trimmed the top of the sock so that it would have a nice even edge in the front.

4. Then I simply sewed the lace trim around the back edge, and front section of the sock. {I wanted this front piece to fold over, creating a “cuff” for the sock}

making boots socks

Here is my finished Lace Cuff Boot Sock:

lace boot sock

Here is a full shot of the socks, so you can see what they look like under the boots:

how to make boot socks

For my next sock, I kept it SO simple! I did the same process as before, but this time I cut the sleeves of the sweater off below the shoulder seam line.Basically, when you are done cutting, your previously-long-sleeved sweater should look like a short-sleeved sweater!

I added a different lace trim this time, sewing it on the outside of the sock. I love how they turned out:

sweater socks
lace boot socks

Now, for my favorite pair! I decided to make some spooky Halloween socks. How fun would it be to wear these to your neighborhood party or school carnival? I’m totally rocking these this year!

halloween boot socks

1. I used an old black and white sweater that had a hole in it, and cut the sleeves the same way as my second pair:

striped sweater socks

2. Then I used some 1″ black satin ribbon, and created a ruffle by sewing a line down the center of the ribbon and pulling the thread through to bunch it up ­čÖé

making halloween socks

3. I attached the ribbon ruffle on the outside of the sock, then added another layer of trim {LOVE these darling mini-poms!} on the inside of the sock. It looks cute because the pom poms just poke out of the top a little! I am really not a seamstress, and sewing this trim on was super easy. If I can do it, you can do it.

My finished Spooky Socks:

spooky boot socks

halloween boot socks

What do you think? Would you wear these boot socks for Halloween?

I spent less than $10 for all three pairs of socks! Not bad, eh? Then next time you are cleaning out your closest, make sure to save those old sweaters and turn them into something fabulously fashionable!

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  1. Oh my cuteness! I am dying over these! I have an entire bag of sweaters that were heading to Goodwill…so, guess what I’ll be making…fabulous!

  2. I have a number of sweaters headed for a yard sale tomorrow so I guess I had better start snipping instead… I just love these! Now to find some boots that won’t kill the bank and aren’t too tight in the calves. ­čÖé

  3. Another super easy way is to just cut them off and use the wrist part as the top.

    And ummmmmm…..patiently (not really) awaiting part 7 ­čÖé

  4. This is SO super cute!! I want to fund some sweaters from goodwill to do this now!
    I just have one question… How does the knit not come undone when you cut it away from the seam?

    • The fabric on my sweaters didn’t unravel at all, it kinda just rolled over and I sewed the trim over the edge to cover it. The first sweater was made out of something that probably would unravel more easily, but once the trim was sewn on it, it was fine. I haven’t tried to wash them yet… I will probably hand wash them anyway ­čÖé Let me know if you try it!!

  5. Adorable girls!!!

  6. This is a fabulous idea! I knit and was planning to make these for my daughter (13) and me to share! I may just skip it now and head to GoodWill! You never cease to amaze us!!!

  7. Super cute! Did you make the skirt (layered, color-blocked one) with the non-boot cuffed shot? That looks SO adorable, too!

  8. Very cute, Beckie! I LOVE the Halloween socks!

  9. Ok, I love these! I don’t have any boots, though- hmm, good excuse to buy some. Gots to have some to go with my handmade boot socks… ­čÖé

  10. I LOVE these! Oh my word! So amazing! I never would of thought to do that!

  11. This is so great, Becky! I have been stalking these on Etsy myself and wondered if sweater sleeves would work. And, you’ve taken my wondering to reality. : ) Love these and I’m definitely going to try it myself! Thanks for the tutorial and for modeling how they look when they are completed.

  12. With the rest of the sweaters after the socks are made you can also make cushions for your bed or furniture.

  13. How do the socks not fall down? Is there elastic in the top band? I want to make some as leg Warner’s but am curious if they would just slouch down eventually?

  14. these are SO CUTE! totally doing this.

  15. Gerry @ Wilson 6 Ranch says:

    My daughter will LOVE these!! Time to check out our closets!!

  16. Love love love! Such a clever idea both to save money and to upcycle. Just pinned this and hope you get lots of traffic back. Thanks so much for sharing!

  17. Adorable socks! What a great way to recycle old sweaters. They will make perfect Christmas gifts for my sisters.


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