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This was my last Roadkill Rescue challenge on Indy Style, the local lifestyle show I have been a pat of for the last 18 months. Viewer Jennifer submitted this worn out cabinet/dresser combo she had taking up room in her garage for a year and a half.

While the wood was a hardwood and the mirror was thick and heavy it was in pretty rough condition and it wasn’t really able to be restored without some MAJOR work.

So I literally took the entire thing apart and pretty much just used the wood to create something new.


Here is the piece I started with….

After it was in pieces I thought what the heck am I going to do with this?

Jennifer mentioned she wanted to use it in a bathroom so I decided to make a standing bathroom cabinet with the pieces.


I ran each of the side, top and bottoms pieces through the table saw.

I cut the sides 59” tall by 18” wide.  Then I cut the top and bottom pieces 18” by 22”.

You could easily cut down a sheet of plywood to make this project too.

I also grabbed a couple pieces of scrap MDF from my garage and cut those down for shelves.

Using my Kreg Jig and some 1” screws I built the entire cabinet.

Then I purchased a piece of beadboard and had Lowes cut it down to fit and stapled it onto the back.


I wanted to somehow use the feet because Jennifer really liked them but the back feet got damaged in the demolition part. Doh! So I flipped the feet upside down and used them to add architectural interest to the top.


Then I just used the door as a frame for the front and used my air nailer to nail it to the front.

Since the wood still had signs of wear with holes and scratches I decided just to go with it and didn’t sand it smooth nor fill in the holes.  I just painted it with a flat gray paint.  (I used Stonewall Jackson by Dutch Boy).

I used my paint sprayer to apply the paint. Dutch Boy paint is my favorite to put in the sprayer since it is a little thinner than other paints. After it was dry I sanded the edges with a sanding sponge and 100 grit sandpaper to bring out the details.



Another piece saved from the trash heap!  Roadkill Rescue!


I love this gray color. If you are looking for a perfect cement color gray with no blue or green undertones check out Stonewall Jackson by Dutch Boy.

Here are a few other projects I have used this paint color on.

Painted Striped Curtains

how_to_paint_stripes_on_curtains_thumb (1)

Painted Stenciled Upholstered Headboard


Walls in Guest Bedroom


Check out Dutch Boy for more color inspiration.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Dutch Boy.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. Thank you Laura. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. When a piece is solid wood like that even just reusing the wood saves tons of money.

  2. Wow- what an amazing project Beckie. I love the way it turned out. And that grey is so pretty!! You are so talented!


  3. Beckie, I love this! Such a great transformation. It has given me an idea for my bathroom! Thanks for sharing. x Julie

  4. I never cease to be amazed at your creative and skilled DIY’s. I don’t comment on every project you do, so I want you to know I enjoy reading about them and sharing. This one went to Facebook. I think I will Pin it too. Have a happy 2013. The Lord bless you and Keep you and give you peace. ( ), Deborah

  5. This is so wonderful. I love your stuff but unfortunately don’t take the time to comment. I post on Pinterest frequently hopefully some are finding you and RR inspiration. For someone who hasn’t worked much with tools, how difficult would you rate this type of project?

  6. Go Girl! You never cease to amaze me! I love finding your stuff on pinterest or through others and yelling out “I know her….or knew her….well we kind of knew each other…she was in this skit and we were dorm mates…..” LOL…anyway just wanted to thank you for the inspiration you give me as I have been in a domestically challenged funk for some time and am emerging out of it excitedly. I now own power tools, my own purple tool bag and always croon my neck any time I pass a dumpster that has some fragment of wood sticking out of it. :)Kerry (walls) Brasher

  7. Kerry Walls!!! Hey friend! That is awesome. I love me some Pinterest – it was been good to me. Good for you for breaking out those tools, it is so empowering when you stand back and say “I did that!”

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