How Many Pancakes For One Person

Pancakes are prepared in a liquid batch and it’s often a bit tricky to judge how much batter you should make per person. People have different appetites but it has been found that most people consume 4 pounds (1.85 kg) of food every day.

On average, two medium-sized pancakes (1.2 oz or 35 g each) is enough for most adults and young adults over about 15 years of age. Adults with a large appetite can consume 3 to 4 medium-sized. Children can eat about 1 medium-sized or less in a sitting. 


But, young children around 5 years of age will tend to feel full with ½ or a ⅓ of a medium-sized pancake. Below, I will provide a rundown of how many pancake mix can make, how many is a serving, and how to measure the mix.

How Many Pancakes Is a Serving and Normal Size

A serving is the number of pancakes a person would have for a meal or snack. Such as, for breakfast, or brunch. But they can be different sizes based on your personal preference.

So, here’s how many is a serving, and how big an average-sized is so you know how big to make them, and how many to make.

On average, a serving of pancakes is 2.4 oz (70g), which is equivalent to 2 medium-sized for people aged over 15 years of age. This is around half a cup of liquid batter. An average-sized pancake is 1.2 oz (35 g) and is about ¼ of a cup of liquid batter. 


How about Children?

Children under the age of 10, tend to eat significantly less than an adult. On average they eat about 30% of what an adult eats in a meal. Therefore, for children under 1 medium-sized is typically enough to make them full. 

Here’s a very helpful table that shows how much liquid mix you need per pancake, and per serving. Typically, a soup ladle is used for adding the liquid mix to a hot frying pan.

A typical soup ladle holds about 1 cup of liquid. 

Amount of liquid pancake mixAmount of pancakes it makes
Half a cup (half a ladle)2
1 cup (1 ladle)4
1.5 cups (1.5 ladles)6
2 cups (2 ladles)8

When adding liquid mix a good idea is to measure how much liquid the ladle holds beforehand. Pour water in a cup into it, to see how much it holds. 

Another way to know you’re getting the measurements about right is to use a cup with a handle to pour it into the frying pan. Or, a jug with a pouring spout.

Some people recommend pouring the mix with a spoon. However, this often requires you to do two scoops with a spoon. By the time you make the next scoop it has already started to cook. This creates an uneven pancake.

Another option is to use molds like these ones below. That’s the best way to make very even pancakes.

How Many Pancakes Can One Box Make?

Dry mix is sold in stores and is very convenient because you don’t need to carefully measure out the proportions of the dry ingredients. Boxes of pancake mix come in a few different sizes, so here’s how many pancakes you can make with dry mix.

On average, 1 cup, 8 oz (226 g) of powder will make 6 pancakes (2 to 3 servings). The size of a box varies, a common size is 32 oz (900g), which is 4 cups and would make 24 pancakes (8 to 12 servings).  

Pancake making

Here’s a table that shows how many and how many servings different-sized boxes of pancake powder would make:

Size of a box of pancake mixNumber of pancakes and servings
12 oz (340g)9 pancakes (3 to 4 servings)
18 oz (510g)14 pancakes (5 to 6 servings)
24 oz (680g)18 pancakes (6 to 9 servings)
32 oz (900g)24 pancakes (8 to 12 servings)

From the table, you can see the number of servings that a box of powder will make, for 1 person a week’s worth of pancakes would be a box of powder that is 18 to 24 oz (510g to 680g).

But, if you don’t eat them every morning, and only eat them a few times a week then a box of this size would last you a few weeks.

For a family that has 2 children, a 32 oz box of powder would easily last a few weeks, if you don’t eat every day.

Otherwise, if you a family with 2 children eats pancakes every day then you would need about 40 to 50 oz of dry mix.

How Do You Measure the Mix

The mix comes in both powder and liquid form. Because it’s poured out it can be a bit tricky to know exactly how much mix to make.

So, here’s how to measure pancake mix.

On average, 1 cup of liquid mix makes 4 medium-sized pancakes. Whereas, 1 cup of dry mix powder makes about 6 pancakes. An average serving of medium-sized is 2 to 3 pancakes per person, which is ½ a cup to ⅔ of a cup of liquid mix per person.

The easiest way to figure out how much mix you will need is based on the amount of dry mix. This is because after making the mix into its liquid form it’s not easy to pour it out into cups to measure how much of it you have. Since it has a fairly thick consistency.

Therefore, you should plan to use about 1/3rd of a cup of dry mix for one person. Which is about 2 medium-sized pancakes.

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