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I’m so pleased to announce a new product that many of you (all of you!) will be interested in — Hot Glue Gun Helpers by Cathie and Steve!  If you have ever used a hot glue gun, then you may have gotten burned.  You may have ruined a work surface.  You may have flung a sequin across the room trying to get it into the hot glue without losing a finger. 

With Hot Glue Gun Helpers, those problems are gone forever.  These skin savers were invented by the talented Cathie & Steve from Creative Juice.Cathie and Steve

I got the insane privilege at CHA of meeting the two of them while they were at the Plaid booth.

I have a set that I have been using for a few months now. It is so nice to be able to get up and close with your project without the fear of a glue gun burn.  They are perfect when you are working with small pieces. The glue doesn’t stick to them at all either.  They are a must have if you use your glue gun as often as I do.

Hot Glue Gun Helpers are currently available for sale right here.  HGGH purchase

They are $19.99 for a set.  It is a wise investment to save that skin, Believe me, I have scars. Go buy one today!

I have one set to giveaway to one lucky IC reader.  For a chance to win just leave a comment and tell me what project you are working on right now.  Good luck!

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  1. Wow.. great idea!!! I am always burning the tips of my fingers… and am always in the midst of a hairbow project 😀

  2. Oh, I can't tell you how much I've been scarred by the evil hot glue. Right now, I'm working on a hot glue free project. I've sanded and repainted an old dresser and I'm planning on putting a faux linen texture on it. It is going to go in my soon to be redesigned master bedroom.

  3. I am in a card making phase right now! I'm having a lot of fun with my Silhouette machine I got for Christmas. I have also been making doll clothes for my daughter's "baby" 🙂

  4. Excellent giveaway Beckie! I am finishing up some new pins right now. I love the instant gratification of the glue gun, but I shy away from using it because of the inevitable burns. This set of tools is perfect…

  5. I think this is so ingenious! I love making felt flowers and yarn wreaths and am always singing my fingertips! Thanks for the chance!

  6. how fun! I'm trying to make "baby-proof" rosettes. My baby keeps ripping them, not enough how glue?
    I'd love it!!


  7. Awesome giveaway. I'm always working on hair bows for little miss, and clothes, and rice bags, and a changing mat….I have ADD so there are multiple projects going at any given time! 🙂

  8. Wow – how cool are these? I am currently glueing flowers onto a glass vase – and could sure use these!!! Pam

  9. What an awesome idea!! I've been stalking everyone's wreath projects trying to decide what to do! I want to make a huge letter "H" covered in a moss-like material for my front door! This kit would be so helpful! Thanks!

  10. What a great idea! I'm working on some faux metal art using toilet paper rolls. Having these products would make that project a lot easier!

  11. Awesome! I am constantly burning my fingers while working on fabric flowers- and I adore making fabric roses!

  12. I am going to be working on some rolled fabric flower headbands. As you can see, hot glue and protection from it…is a MUST!
    What a great giveaway!
    jenniferlnation at gmail dot com

  13. I am currently crocheting hats – kind of addicted! This would be a big help with other projects, though.

  14. My current project, carrying my brand new camera everywhere and taking photos of everything so I can learn all the ins and outs of it.

  15. I would love this! I am currently making pillows, but I am sure a hot glue project is in my near future. wkpanter at yahoo dot com

  16. Oh, that sounds awesome! I gave myself a nasty burn a few months back. My latest project was something I finished yesterday … wrapped an old t-shirt around a canvas, added 3 stripes of ribbon, and a layered felt flower topped off with a brad. Now I just need to figure out what to put in the blank space!

  17. This product looks awesome!
    I make tons of hairbows for my two girls and am working some St Patty's Day Bows now. I cannot tell you the number of burns on my fingers from hot glue. 🙂
    d.a.vogel at gmail dot com

  18. Ha ha, my husband is always joking that I could get away with robbing a bank because I have no fingerprints left from all the glue gun scars! The current project is an Easter wreath that I'm working on with my two boys.

  19. No project right now as I am moving to a new house next week, but after I unpack I have to get moving on a bunch of kiddo and friend gifts!! I have shirts and butterfly wings and dinosaur lands to create!

  20. What a great product!! I think I need to pick up a couple of these for friends too! 🙂

    elisegeorgoussis at gmail dot com

  21. What an awesome idea! I am working on organizing my craft space so that I can actually get back to SEVERAL projects!

  22. Oooh, neat! My husband would love for me to have this as he is tired of me using a kitchen plate to catch my glue gun drips. 😉 As for what project I'm working on…well, I'm still working on Valentine projects–somehow my crepe paper ball flowers are taking me ten times longer than I expected them too. *sigh* Hopefully they'll be ready for next year!

    ~ Sarah

  23. I live to hot glue 'cause I don't sew! I just finished a coffee filter wreath. Now there's a craft where these would come in handy!

  24. I am working on my daughters 5th birthday party. Paper flowers, table decorations etc. Would love to have this set.

  25. Absolutely perfect tool set! I am about to hot glue the rubber strip inside our car's rooftop carrier. It has come undone and needs mending. Next project: working out a princess birthday party for my soon to be 4 year old. Have a great weekend!


  26. These are great!! I am currently working on my yarn wreaths for a craft show later this year. I use my glue gun constantly for these wreaths, so this would be so awesome!!

  27. I need this kit!!
    I am working on recovering coffee cans!

    rebekah.allthingzrelated @gmail dot com

  28. Wow! Awesome. I just burned myself last week. Right now I'm redoing oliftoff and turning into an office/craft room so I don't have to use the kitchen table anymore! 🙂


  29. Neat new product!
    I'm right in the middle of re-doing the window treatments at our house.

  30. You mean I could still have finger prints? Instead of burnt off little nubs on the ends of my fingers? Right now I am working on a picture frame project for the members of my family. I have to glue together all of these picture frames and then glue on a whole bunch of little trinkits about each person. I have finished a total of one so far. Just about 10 left to go. I should be done by next Christmas. Ha! Anyway, these glue gun helpers look like a wonderful idea. All of the crafty people with a lack of finger prints can rejoice. 🙂

  31. I am working on a felt wreath for my front door and the hot glue is killing my fingers! We all know how that goes.

  32. Great idea – no more glue gun burns! I'm not working on anything right now.
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  33. What a great idea! I am going to be using my glue gun a lot soon as I plan on making my daughter a whole bunch of bows! 🙂

  34. Here lately, I have made some fabric rosettes and I burned the tips of my fingers so bad! Low temp is for wimps though. ;o)

  35. Okay, I guess according to Alicia I'm a wimp..and I gladly accept that name! (Just kidding) I am really though, the high temp burns are awful. My next project is using a old frame and chicken wire to make a inspiration board. Also, I got some seriously aged frames from a friend that kept under her bed for like 20 years because she's not into "vintage" lucky me! I'm going to try and get them sturdy enough to display on their own. Happy Friday!

  36. Wow! What a great idea. Right now I'm between projects, but tonight I need to start sewing scout patches onto some shirts for my father-in-law.

  37. I was just thinking I need something like this! I want to make the crocheted headband that was just featured on Ucreat which requires hot gluing ribbon on the ends!

  38. This is a GREAT idea! I always have at least 1 blister on my poor fingers weekly. $19.99 is a small price to pay, considering what these geniuses have come up with!! I am currently working on a gift for a new baby, scheduled to be here on Monday! (His momma is being induced first thing Monday morning!!) His room colors are green and brown, so I am making him (and his mommy) a CUTE picture frame, with all the ribbon and buttons to match!!

  39. I need this! I hate glue gun burns!
    I've been making a lot of display boards, so this would really come in handy.

  40. who hasn't been tortured by that glue?! not currently working on project using glue.{yet} in the midst of making over my entry way!

  41. I love these! It's been on my "Perfect Gift" list to my hubs for a few holidays, but hasn't come to live with us yet.

  42. I'm working on fabric flowers! I've been sewing them instead of using hot glue because I don't like getting burned 🙁

  43. Ohh I'm working on an easter wreath and this kit would come in soo handy as I'm putting it together with my tried and true glue gun – awesome giveaway and what a smart idea!

  44. What a great invention! I need this. I've got about 5 different projects going on right now, but they're all paint projects. Maybe if I win this set I won't be scared to use my glue gun 😉

  45. I love this! I need some more pink on my crafting table. As for my project, I'm finishing up crafting a travel journal to take on vacation in 2 weeks!!

    almostneverclever [at] gmail [dot] com

  46. I'm working on making tons of felt flower hairbands for my sister's sorority! And my fingers are showing the damage.

  47. My husband thinks I'm insane but I am currently working on multiple things, Monday I try to organize my craft area in the basement because by Friday its a huge mess, Tuesday I am currently working on making nylon flowers (making Tulips), Weds I tole paint I am painting a spring scene on a wooden plate right now, Thursday I weave basket currently weaving a tissue box cover, Friday I bake sweets currently as I write I am baking a chocolate dobash cake. When my nylon flowers are done I will be working to finish my 3D miniature Quilling masterpiece. I've put on the back burner few months ago but will be finishing it soon and I will be using glue gun to put them into display case and the hot glue guy helper would surely come in handy.

  48. I am currently learning how to use my Silhouette machine. I have experience burned fingers on many prior projects though so I know these helpers will rescue me from future pain. Thanks for the chance to win!


  49. My major project right now is repainting my kitchen after a teensy tiny fire. It's taking for-ev-er!

  50. Right now, I'm working on a lot of different things. I'm making a tutu dress for a friend's baby, I'm making a She-Ra costume for my daughter, Toy Story boxers for my son, a few different things for a Charity drive, and cloth "paper" towels for my sister-in-law. Yeah, we're always busy around here.
    bfcourage at yahoo dot com

  51. I'm working on finishing up some face scrubbies for next Christmas–nothing like a good headstart!

  52. Right now I am working on bean bag sets for a craft show. We use our glue gun though for our hair clips!

    sunshinekmp at yahoo dot com

  53. What an amazing idea! I use my glue gun all the time. I love mine for making bows and jewelry. I'm working on a shower curtain for my bathroom, and some book shelves for the kids room.

  54. This would save the tips of my fingers!

    I'm currently working on making a camera strap and baby rag quilt.

  55. I soo want this!

    I'm busy making things for my new grandson. This would help alot in making his mobile.

  56. Awesome! I always burn myself! I'm working on spiffing up some thrift store frames at the moment.

  57. Hmmm. I'm working on a faux chenille for my new niece, some patchwork pillows, charm bracelets with Swarovski crystal dangles and I think that's it!

  58. Brilliant idea! I have burned myself one too many times. I LOVE jeweling things (like a gag gift ornament a Christmas time – it was awesome!) Anyways, I am currently working on a surprise scrapbook for my cousin (who just got engaged too)! This has been an in progress work for the past 3 years, and I am ALMOST done! Thanks for the chance to win!

    cherie.goyer at

  59. This looks really great! I am about to start some projects for my new baby's room and this would be awesome!

  60. Love the idea- might need one of those. I am working on make hair bows for my daughter. I hate paying for them, and I have seen so many great idea.

  61. This is perfect!! Would love it! I always have projects I'm working on. But yesterday I just made my daughter some tights. Took ladies long socks and made her some tights.

  62. I am working on a subway art baby gift. I plan to hot glue some flowers or buttons on it before I mail it out.

  63. I just finished painting my craft room and I've been working on collaging a mirror with a bunch of different beads and buttons. This would really help!

  64. Sewing! Just finished a felt Plex appliqué to cover up a yucky sweatshirt design. Making modifications to my Ultimate Crayon Roll and sewing some FPU envelopes. And using a GLUE GUN to ramp up a bathroom cabinet!

  65. I've been working on a coffee filter wreath and totally burning the tips of my fingers!!!

  66. I've been working on a coffee filter wreath and totally burning the tips of my fingers!!!

  67. I've been working on a coffee filter wreath and totally burning the tips of my fingers!!!

  68. Really great idea! I'm planning to make some more rolled flowers from ribbons so I could sure use these.

  69. What a great idea!!! I am currently trying to nurse three sick kids back to health (thank you ineffective flu shot), but plan to make a years worth of birthday cards when they are better and I get the last nights to myself back. Poor pukey angels!

  70. Awesome idea! I not only bur myself but i have destroyed the top of my craft desk with my hot glue gun. I am always making hair bows for my daughter and I am also working on a new wreath

  71. I'm working on the bedding and decor for my older kiddos' room. Slow going! I hope I win – my fingers would be so grateful!

  72. I would love a hot glue gun… and this one is PINK! I love it! Right now, I am working on redoing a chair with some geometric fabric instead of the pukey paisley from the 1950s I found on it. I'm also repainting and stenciling a bookshelf!

  73. I can't even begin to tell you how many blisters this would save me! My hubby constantly teases me for my "accidents" with glue guns. It's that bad…

  74. I have currently taken a leave of absence from my hot glue gun. My last project, I made some throw pillows with the hot glue gun. They were so cute but my burns were not! This is such a genius idea!

  75. Fabulous idea. I am in the middle of covering some tins that once housed mixed nuts and this would save me a lot of pain.

  76. These look GREAT! I'm currently drowning myself in furniture painting and I just picked up some super cute jewelry cases at the thrift store that I want to try refinishing into extra cute gifts. But for using a glue gun, lately I've been doing some of those cute satiny flower pins and clips.

  77. What a clever product! I once pulled a chunk of skin off when using a hi temp glue gun, after it dripped onto my finger! Ouch! I just used my glue gun to attach a party hat banner together.

  78. Ooooh love this set! Why didn't I ever think about items like this after all my finger tip blisters?

    I am in the midst of finishing up a long put off apron project.

  79. This is awesome. I've been trying my hand at making flower pins. I've been experimenting with felt and have gotten some cute results. I also made one out of canvas and another out of an old shirt. Slap some hot glue to the pin back, and voila! Beautiful flower pins that everybody loves!

  80. I'm actually considering starting a new project: covering a lampshade with flowers or petals…

    RachAHansen at msn dot com

  81. The better question is how many! lol! I have been playing with paint chips lately and hoping to create something this weekend.

  82. Working on painting a slant top desk box. And embellishing canister-type containers for all the Grandchildren…

  83. Awesome! Currently working on wrapping a lamp with jute. I may or may not have any fingerprints.

  84. Oh man I would love this as I just recently got my first hot glue gun and have already burned myself a few times with it. I am currently working on a non hot glue gun project of bean bags for my kids.

  85. I'm working on a Spring wreath for my front door. So far it is all wrapped in fuzzy yarn, but now it needs some felt flowers or something.

  86. I'm always working on some project or another. I want to do a Spring wreath and also some type of art for my master bedroom.

    cereza25 at yahoo dot com

  87. I would LOVE to win this! I'm currently working on a making flowers for my daughter's knit beanie. 🙂

  88. I am always in the middle of several projects. Right now, it is a twin sized rag quilt for my daughter, a fishing set and a yoda hand puppet for my son, new curtains for the kitchen and some cami secrets for me. And as soon as it gets marginally warm, I will be outside painting several things. I have crafting ADD:)

  89. Thee real question is what project am I NOT working on these days! We just bought our first home recently, and my poor hot glue gun's endurance is being put to the test…as well as my fingertips : )

  90. Fun! Im just starting some St. patty's Day Wreaths 🙂

    And Im in the middle of a few furniture re-dos

  91. That is awesome! I currently have way too many projects going on at the same time. I could certainly use the kit when I'm making my girls' hairbows and headbands! I hope I win!

  92. I'm actually crocheting a dress! 😀 But i just bought a hot pink polka-dotted glue gun and i haven't used it yet. this will hopefully keep my digits burn free.

  93. Right now I am working on a wedding cake, not really something I would use a glue gun with…lol.
    But I am really clumsy with the glue gun and would love to keep from getting a few scars!!

  94. The fact alone that everything is pink makes me want the set. 😉 I'd love to win one…great Giveaway, Beckie! A glue gun project I need to work on this weekend is making a hair bow or two for my girlies. 🙂

  95. That is genius!! I want some! So many burns and it may be my imagination but they seem to hurt worse than other burns. Right now im doing some paintchip art as well as teaching myself to tat. Or should I say attempting to teach myself, we shall see. 🙂

  96. Thanks for a great giveaway. I love making hairbows and flowers for my daughter. Currently, I'm working on covering some tabbed dividers to match the cover of my home management/recipe binder.

    Denise (

  97. These kits are so adorable!! What a great idea (that I wish I had come up with :D) My current project is decking out my craft room- french memo boards, etc- and some wood signs for housewarming gifts!

  98. I've been making hairbows to match my girls' Easter dresses. I've seen these before and love the idea!

  99. Gosh, are there people who still have skin to burn? I guess it's just proof that I'm old. I'm pretty much down to the bone from glue gun burns and have been through more craft tables damaged by glue guns than I care to count.
    Today I picked up supplies to make a "Welcome Spring" door decoration for my aunt who lives in a nursing home. It's been so snowy and dreary this winter that I thought it was time for a day brightener for her.

  100. I'm working on putting together some artwork for my little boy, who is coming soon in June! supersara 85 at hotmail dot com

  101. Where were these when I burned all my fingertips so badly I had blisters?! I am currently working on putting decorative trim on a chair I am recovering.

  102. Love the idea, and great color. Currently "re"making a memo board with matching colors for my kitchen….

  103. oh wow – this would be so sweet! I am always working on something, next up is a new wreath for the front door!

  104. My hubby was just saying last night that he's tired of all my glue gun drops on the counter. this would be awesome. I'm particularly interested in the finger savers! The current project is a basket full of jute balls!

  105. I would LOVE that set. I've been eyeing it for a while now. I'm always burning my finger-tips trying to make hair clips for my little girl, and with my card-making. I hope I win!

  106. I have been burned so many times I've lost track. I'm currently working on a spring wreath, and converting a small table into a bench seat!

  107. Wow, what a great giveaway! Right now I'm in the process of setting up my craft room. Once that is done, I will be breaking out my glue gun again! I want to make a coffee filter wreath (finally)! Thanks for the chance!

  108. Making fabric flowers for hair clips … which I will be hot gluing of course

  109. I am currently coming up with ideas for my wedding bouquet and trying to figure out how to successfully decorate a clip that says "wedding casual" and not "quickly glued and obvious mess"

  110. This would be great! Thanks! Currently I am working on several different sewing projects and some headbands!

  111. What a fabulous looking set. I am not sure why someone didn't come up with this sooner! Thanks for a chance to win!(my fingers would be forever grateful!) I am working on some easter outfits for my 3 kids and lots of other little things like hair clippies, etc!

  112. What a fantastic idea!! I'm currently in the planning stages for a group project for the women of our church, making a Spring/Easter wreath……there will be LOTS of hot glue involved 🙂

  113. What project am I working on? Well there are sooo many. I am really intent on my a kitchen for my sons birthday though. Oh yes, and recovering my couch.

  114. Oh I LOVE this set!!! I have had my eye on it for a couple of months now and even Blog about it. Don't know why I don't just buy the set because very affordable. Right now I am working on three projects – Mardi Gras Wreath, Easter/Spring Wreath, and then ABC Magnets for three of my nieces birthday presents 🙂

  115. AWESOME!!!! LoVe this! I do so love your blog! I can't even tell you how many times I have BLISTERED my fingers with my glue gun! I make beaded crosses that I use my glue gun on…I always have several of these I am working on!

  116. Right now I am about to try a new recipe I have brewing in my mind…it is a yummy treat recipe…one I have never seen anywhere before. And I can't WAIT to start making them as soon as I can tear myself away from your blog 🙂

    But after that I have a fun easter project planned that I will be using my glue gun for.


  117. Wow, this would be perfect for the current project — hot gluing a burlap/jute curtain. The glue goes right through the little "box" holes and onto my fingers!

  118. Right now my big project is a birthday banner and airplane cake toppers for my son's second birthday month. But I am pretty sure my hot glue gun lives on my kitchen counter because I use it so often for who even knows what. I need this! 🙂

  119. I'd LOVE to win this! I'm currently working on organizing my craft room so I can start a project this weekend! I've got several mini projects in progress but craft room organization is my main one, right now!

  120. This is great!!! I'm currently working on decorations for a beach themed wedding shower that I am hosting!

  121. This is wonderful news! Love it.
    I am working on a St Paddy's Day wreath ;o)


  122. Heck, I am still waiting for a good time to make my tissue paper Christmas tree that I meant to make months ago, lol! I cut up 100's of squares and squished them to the desired shape, but never hot glued them on to my cone…I ALWAYS burn myself with my glue gun! I so desperately need these so I can get back to my projects!

  123. Awesome giveaway, this would be so handy to have around, my coffee table would thank me!
    Right now I am knee deep in tshirt scraps working on some pieced jersey pants for all the kiddos.

  124. I am in between projects right now. Done with Valentine's, looking for some new Easter ones. If I would win this, I would give it to my Mom. She is always gluing something. 🙂

  125. I'm working on an organization project and sorting through my kids' clothes. I know that's not crafty, but I've got to get those things done before I can have fun and create! My most recent crafting "cooperative" project was helping my daughter make Valentines for her class…for which I used my hot glue gun a lot! (p.s. They turned out great and were one of only two hand made Valentines in her class!)

  126. How freakin' great is this! I would love to have something like this… perfect for my next project. Attaching eggs to a wreath… with hot glue none the less! I have wanted one for years now and am going to get busy with one soon!

  127. What a fabulous idea!!! I've been working on hairbows and clippies with my glue gun. Oh, and recovering a lampshade!

  128. what a great idea. I'm working on scrapbooks but have been putting off the hot gluing on a birdhouse for a while because of the burn factor.

  129. I would like to make those flower headbands, but would love the safety of this kit while using the hot glue gun!

  130. I love this idea! I have been searching for something like this! I have been working on a ribbon holder and menu board.

  131. They say necessity is the mother of invention – and what a great invention this was! Love the idea of no more hot glue burns! Currently, I'm working on making two felt Yoda baby rattles. Can't start 'em too young in sci-fi! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!


  132. Loooove this product, would love to win! I am currently working on two wood boxes for bridesmaids gifts for a friend of mine.

  133. Getting ready to put my couch back together – everything that needs to be cut is cut and I'm just waiting for my husband and his 2nd set of hands to help. Hopefully this is the weekend!

  134. That looks awesome. I am working on a Spring plaque on wood and some crackling. 🙂

  135. I burned my hands several times working on an Easter Egg wreath for the front door last year. Right now, I am making burp clothes and brainstorming for a Fairy tale Quilt.

  136. I'm currently gluing felt to the bottom of all of our indoor flowerpots! This would super helpful.

  137. I'm making a burlap wreath right now…. And at the moment, I have two huge blisters on my thumb and finger. I can't even type on the computer for them. I have to surf the web on my phone. LOL

  138. I am working on making felt headbands…lots of them! I burned myself on my hot glue gun last week and already have a scar! This is a great idea!

  139. I am working on shower gifts for the three new babes due this month in our family. (No triplets either!) Already I have had one close call with the hot glue! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  140. i'm always working on something…right now i am painting our bedroom and a craft table for my son. i always have the glue gun out though–for mobiles and random stuff. this Christmas i burned the heck out of my fingers with the gg! oh man did it hurt!

  141. I really really really need to win this! I am always burning myself, I have so many scars on my hands now! Currently I'm working on a coffee filter wreath, but I haven't finished bc i'm letting my finger tips rest! 🙂

  142. Creative idea and would be helpful. Right now my project is getting our home ready to list for sale. We are building a new home and I have lots of sorting, cleaning and packing to do!

  143. This is such a great idea. I am in the middle of all things wedding. DIY, I may be in over my head.

  144. What a great giveaway! Thak you for the opportunity. I'm in the middle of making a mini album for my mother for her birthday, which is tomorrow. It's going to be a late gift. 🙁

  145. This would be wonderful to have. I am currently helping my son with a school project and I am using the glue gun for him. I can not tell you how many burns I have and we aren't done.

  146. I'm helping my mom make things (vests, little girl dresses, hairpieces, etc.) for my sister's wedding. In particular, I'm responsible for the birdcage veil that she would like to wear. This set would definitely save my fingers!

    nd.farrell (at) yahoo (dot) com

  147. This would be awesome. I'm working on a set of tiles turned into coasters – and I'm still looking for something to hot glue to the bottom, I don't really want felt!

  148. I have projects. I always have two or three at once. I am working on a new Spring wreath, some shelves for the girls room and some headbands for the girls. All in a days work right?

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  149. That's fantastic!!!

    Right now I'm working on reupholstering a new couch for my livingroom 🙂

  150. I am not sure I even have fingerprints left!! I am currently working on felt food and a lamp shade for the nursery.

  151. I am finishing up my guest room, just in time for arriving family! I have painted a nightstand that I got on Craigslist, gotten new lampshades for the lamps (also Craigslist) and I am almost done making new shams!

  152. I am currently obsessive about making fabric flowers ( and def. have the burns to prove it!) for mine, and my girls hair.

  153. What a great idea! Wish I had though of it! I actually just had to hot glue my daughter's eyeglasses until we get to the doctor Monday!
    And I burnt my fingers twice!

  154. I would love to win this set. Just today I burned my finger while working on an inspirational sign for my craft room.
    mcclusks at bellsouth dot net

  155. Hi Beckie. I'm making a banner with buttons and it would be so nice to quit burning my fingerprints off.

    Thanks for letting me enter. Have a fun weekend,
    Tracy 🙂

  156. Have glue gun, will not use… LOL!
    This is the first appealing thing that would make me put my glue gun to use again. It sits forlornly waiting, but I have been burned too many times. To receive a kit like this would reopen a world of crafting joy. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this give-away.

    My current glueless projects are card making with photos, rug hooking with multi-colored yarn scraps and paper bead making.

  157. I would love to win this. I'm not working on anything now because I'm too busy creating lesson plans for school. When things finally slow down, I'm sure to have a project in mind that would require a glue gun.

  158. Oh, I have been wanting one of these so bad! I just finished a wreath project and burned my fingers so many times. My next project…hmmm…I have a long list of next projects but will probably start something fun for Easter. BTW, I think I saw in a old post of yours where you went to LU and lived in Lynchburg. I live in Lynchburg and my dad used to work at LU! Small world! I LOVE your blog…thanks for all the great ideas.

  159. Ahh, how nice this would have been last week while in the throes of the 100th Day of School project. I'm still nursing the blisters from that one. THANKS for the opportunity!

  160. Hot glue burns are nasty! I could use one of those sets. What I should be working on is altering a wedding gown. Remaking an antique gown for a friends wedding but alas I am at the computer! 🙂 And I have to finish the bidding on my March/St. Patricks Day table runner!

  161. I am dying to make a book page wreath, but I am so afraid of my glue gun! This kit is just what I need!

  162. omgomgomg…what a great giveaway! I've been making tote bags out of recycled pet food and birdseed bags and need to hotglue something over my not-too-pretty stitches. pick me!

  163. WOW, this is great! I love this product! I am in the middle of a count down to Valentine's Day project (I know a little late, but didn't get it all finised for this year) and it would be perfect for this!! Too many times have I burned my fingers and just then remembered I forgot to set out a glass of water!!! Thanks for posting!

  164. I think I'm in love! I am ALWAYS burning myself with the glue gun! I am currently getting my son's 1st birthday party decorations made, and I've been putting off a few projects simply because I need to let my fingers heal from the last burn!

  165. Oh!! I'd love this for work! (I handle Teen Services at a public library and often do craft programs.)

    Right now I'm making fabric flowers w/jewels in the middle, feathers, then attached to a birdcage veil and comb for my boyfriend's sister's wedding.

  166. Omg this would be so helpful. I am the worst at hot glue. I burn myself so often I try to avoid my hot glue gun though it's an amazing tool. Once I burned my whole fingerprint off my pointed finger. I couldn't clock into work because thats how we did it. My project I am working on is a mixed media artwork and incorporating poetry written by my great aunt.


  167. I would love this! my kids and I use perm. markers quite often and have to pull(er… rip) them off sometimes.

  168. Would you happen to know if this is, or will be, available in the UK? (England) I am SO afraid of my glue gun since i got myself stuck to my chair that I'm even prepared to buy from the states to save myself (please, you can stop laughing now!!) from another traumatising experience!! haha

    Oh, and the pink? LOVE IT!!!

  169. I'd love to win 🙂 I'm always burning myself with my hot glue gun! I'm currently working on hot gluing green burlap and flowers to a wreath for a spring/St. Patrick's Day Decoration 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  170. I've heard about these. I'm currently working on some altered projects for my soon to come granddaughter "Ayden" room. As you know altered projects uses a lot of hot glue. I would love to save my finger tips:-)!

  171. Wow awesome looking kit. I burn my finges everytime, you would think after a while you would not get burned…….no so. I am working on painted tiles that I attach clothespens for notes and to hold the tiles up.

  172. Right now I'm working on bows and headbands for my girls. Last week I finished a rosette wreath. And I have the burned fingers to show for it! I would love one of these kits!

  173. I am working on painting balls for cup and ball games. I use my glue gun a lot and have melted off most of my fingerprints I'm sure.

  174. Love these! Why has no one thought of something like this before? I have so many projects coming up to furnish and decorate this new house. I think the first one will be a bulletin board.

  175. Right now I'm making a new quilt for my hubby…shhh…don't tell! But I am always using my glue gun for all sorts of projects (just not quilts — that would be very, very bad) and I often burn myself. Please send this my way!

  176. This looks like the best craft item to come along in a long, long time & so needed by anyone who crafts with hot glue!! Thanks for the chance to win, it will sure make my crafting Safer & I need all the help I can get!! lol
    Right now I am working on 2 special cards for some very special friends!!

  177. I am always working on a project, but I am working to create an art camp for kids this summer. This would be so handy.

  178. I hate glue gun burns and would definitely invest in one of these! But a free one would be fantastic!! Right now, I'm working on a rag Doll for my daughter and a couple of shirt refashions. As well as appliqués for my boys t's. It's never-ending.. But worth it!

  179. I really really want this. I never win anything so pick ME!!!
    Have a wonderful day. It's over 50 degrees here in Ohio! WOW swim suit here I come.

  180. Where oh where was this when I was making more wreaths and things. I still use my gun on pins and also on the frames I use on my stain glass paintings. The worse burn I ever got was the night before a surgery, and the doctor didn't want to go ahead with the surgery, because of the blister!

  181. Fabulous! My glue gun happens to be the same color as the helper tools so here's hoping I can match them up! My glue gun has just cooled from making some silk flower headbands. Now I'm working on some doorknob hangers for my laundry room to let everyone know what color load I'm washing next. (In a perfect world, they'll pay attention and bring all their appropriate dirty clothes to the washing machine so I don't have to run from room to room to collect them!)

  182. that would be so great! i'm currently making fabric-covered wooden bins to go into the cubbies of the bed i made our 6yo.

  183. My daughter has to do a book cover of a favorite book & we are making Alice in Wonderland cover. I'm also working project life & making hair bows for my girls!

  184. What a clever product! I spent the day burning my fingertips off making felt dahlias. thanks for the chance 🙂

  185. I just finished making a set of rosettes that spell out CELEBRATE. I will use them to hang birthday streamers from. How glue was the only glue I used on the whole project. I love that it holds and sets fast, but the heat ouch! This product is ingenious!!

  186. Working on a mini album, which requires a lot of hot glue, so this would be perfect. Here is keeping my fingers crossed!

  187. I would love to not burn myself to pieces 🙂 Currently working on some flowers for my baby girl.

  188. This is SOOOO COOL!!! Im always worried I am going to destroy the desk I'm working on adn I only use paper towel which really gets in the way!!!!

    My current project is a small but important one. My daughter LOVES all things plush and Im using the glue gun to make a cute tiny pillow for her tiny chair with buttons and rosettes to make it special and HERS 🙂

  189. WOW…how COOL is that? I would love to get a set…Thanks for sharing about it…
    Right now, I am working on a scrapbook for a client…and recipe cards for a swap…then it's on to a quiet book for my youngun for a homeschool conference…only started it LAST YEAR….at this rate, I should have it done in time for HIS little ones!…then finishing up some Pride and Prejudice clothespin dolls…whew….didn't know I had so much laying around to be done!

  190. I love this idea! Not doing any hot gluing right at the moment – sewing some custom orders and a rainbow dress for my daughter.

  191. oh my goodness!!! this would be soooo helpful in the project i am working on now. a lima bean wreath!!! pick me! 🙂

  192. Currently, I am playing 'catch up' on my boys' birthday scrapbooks, starting on my mothers' day gifts and planning to repurpose a picture frame into a dry erase board for the pantry. Now, as to what will get done and when….:)

  193. These products are awesome! Can't count the number of times I've been burned! Right now I'm working on a pillow and also a birdhouse made of paper and cardboard, so please wish for me to win! I'll need these for the bird house.
    dawnnewsome at yahoo dot com

  194. I have been wanting one of these forever. I'm so glad I took the time to sit down and get caught back up on your blog posts! I hope I'm not too late to enter! Thanks!

  195. This kit is so cute! I'd love one while I"m working on some pom pom headbands/ necklaces.

  196. Right now i'm working on some quilts for my boys.
    tiffdeon at yahoo dot com

  197. I am working on some lampwork bead projects and some charms for a charm bracelet swap. I always have a few things on the go though, and I am using my glue gun for a couple of wreaths I am working on.

  198. These are awesome! I stay at home with my three kids that are three and under and I am always working on something. It would be nice to have less of a chance to yell something not so wonderful out while working with a glue gun! 😛 My two girls are super bald so I am working on making my own bows and flowers to attach to headbands, dresses, shirts and shoes so they look more girly. 🙂

  199. my current project is going through the fabric scraps to see what i should use and what i should donate.

  200. oh my heck what a brilliant product! It would be so nice to have that with all my projects. I am getting ready to make a couple of wreaths that I want to be able to hang up seasonally and all year. 🙂 I also need to complete some monthly decorations.

  201. I always burn myself, no matter how careful i try to be…this is a fantastic giveaway…! I am currently gluing together felt flowers on hair clippies.

  202. I am working on growing a baby. 🙂 Hoping to find out the gender in about 4 weeks so I can start sewing and maybe making hairbows????? 🙂

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