As the last weeks of the year start to roll by, I find myself thinking about the days and months that have passed, and if I have done all the things that I said I wanted to do, if I am living the life, I want to live, rather than letting the days go by in a monotonous, joyless flurry.

To live more intentionally, I decided to host a vision board party. But what exactly is a vision board party, and how do I host one? 


A vision board party is a get together where people set goals and aspirations by creating charts that reflect everything they would like to accomplish. To host a vision board party, create a guest list. Gather supplies to create vision boards, prepare some snacks, and you’re all set!

Like all parties, you can keep your vision board party simple or go all out. A vision board party is a fun way to end the year and such a motivating and special way to start the new one with your friends, family, or even coworkers. 

How To Host A Vision Board Party

From gender reveals to divorce wingding, there seems to be a party for everything these days. We’re all about celebrating something that has already happened or something that is about to happen. 

What about getting together to share our hopes and dreams that have yet to come true? And to motivate each other to accomplish our goals, whatever they may be, so that we can live a life that brings us joy and contentment.  

What Is A Vision Board Party?

A goal-setting event sounds like something that would be held in a boardroom – no fun at all! A vision board party is a goal-setting gathering but far more fun and inspiring. It is a gathering where guests come together to create collages representing all the goals they aspire to achieve.

Vision Board

Steps To Pulling Off The Ultimate Vision Board Party

Hosting a Vision Board Party takes a bit of thought and planning.  Here is what to consider when planning to host a Vision Board Party that will be fun and fruitful.

Consider The Guest List

For a successful vision board party, you need positive energy all around. Your guests need to leave the party with a bounce in their step and feel empowered and optimistic about their future and the life they are about to create for themselves. It is well known that we feed off each other’s energy. With this in mind, when drawing up your guest list, invite enthusiastic, fun, positive people who will go all in when creating their vision board at your party. 

Invited Vision Board Party

However, not everyone in your circle may be brimming with enthusiasm. You may have a friend or two who are in a slump or going through a rough patch. Be sure to invite them too! A vision board party may be just what they need to feel motivated about their future.

Pick A Vision Board Party Theme

While a theme is not essential, having one can be fun and helpful. You could host a New Year’s themed Vision Board Party where you invite guests to create a vision board based on their new year’s resolutions and the life they want to live in the new year. 

You could also be more specific. Do your friends constantly talk about wanting to exercise more and embrace a healthier lifestyle?

Or are you all new graduates hoping to join the workforce? Do you want to find love and romance or keep the spark you have with your partner alive?

Do you and your colleagues want to improve your finances and build your career? Have you and your siblings been dreaming about taking a Eurotrip, and this is the year you hope to do it?

These are all great goals that are easy to build themes around. Create a playlist to match the theme. And decorate the space to set the mood and tone further. 

You can also prepare snacks that will also match the theme. You can get really creative here; smoothies, veggies, and dips for a ‘Healthy Living’ theme, chocolate and cheese fondue for a ‘Love and Romance’ theme. 

Gather Supplies To Create Vision Boards

The purpose of a vision board party is for you and your guests to make vision boards. 

You can choose to provide all the supplies that are needed or ask guests to chip in and bring supplies as well. 

Here is a checklist of supplies. They are not all essential; however, having more options for decorating the vision boards will be fun.

Invited Vision Board Party (1)

Set Up A Space

You and your guests need to feel comfortable and have enough space to create your vision boards. If you are a lucky one and have a large craft table congrats! If not, you might be interested in building one yourself.

You could create place settings for each guest on your kitchen or dining table. Or you could move the furniture in your living room and set up a vision board-making station on the floor. 

You could also take the party out. Pack a blanket and a picnic basket, and take all your supplies to a park where you and your friends create vision boards under a tree. Or go to a cozy coffee shop. 

Wherever you choose to host the party, ensure there is enough room and the space is inspiring.


A vision board party is a wonderful way to bond with friends, family, and even colleagues. It is a way to inspire and be inspired, especially with the new year on the horizon. Whether you choose to have a theme or not, hosting a vision board party is easy. 

Invite your people, gather supplies, prepare some tasty snacks and get ready to create vision boards that will help keep you inspired and on track to living the life you want.

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