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Chris from Just a Girl is here to show you a simple way to jazz up some wooden utensils that you can find at any grocery story, Dollar Tree or discount store. With a little paint you too can make a thoughtful host gift: these Painted Wooden Spoons.

Hi there! I’m Chris from Just a Girl, and Beckie has asked me to share an inexpensive gift idea with you. The gift idea? Easy enough. Getting this post to her in a timely manner? Not so much. Not only is Beckie the savviest blogger I’ve ever met, she might possibly be the most patient. Winking smile


So how ‘bout that gift? I wanted it to stay as close to $5.00 as possible, and I think it comes close. I also wanted it to remain relatively quick.

So I picked up these wooden utensils at the grocery store for just that, and I found a 2-pack of dish towels for $2.00.

wooden spoons gift

I figure I can get two gifts out of these supplies, so it’s well within my $5.00 budget. Woo hoo!

I taped off the actual spoon and sprayed it with some primer. I wanted to make sure the paint stayed put.

painting serving spoons

The next part is completely up to the artist. I simply taped off different sections of the handle and mixed up a couple different shades of green to match the towel I purchased. I may or may not have used a hair dryer to speed things up just a bit. Not needed if you have more patience than me.

painted serving ware

Once the paint is all dry, I recommend a clear coat of polycrylic (water based poly) to keep the paint from scratching or wearing off.

hostess gift

While they’re obviously not dishwasher safe, they would certainly hold up well if hand washed. Aaaand they certainly add a splash of color to an otherwise neutral serving utensil!

easy hostess gift

I was able to get two gifts out of this project at the whopping cost of $3.50 a piece. Nice! This would serve as a great hostess gift, but I’m sure others would appreciate it as well!

painted spoons

Thank you to Beckie for asking me to join in and thank you to her readers for reading along! Have a happy, safe, and (hopefully) inexpensive holiday season!

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  1. Are these for decoration only or can you use these to serve your family Christmas dinner?

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