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This Homeright Spray Tent Shelter can’t be easier to set up. It has made my life better instantaneously, what a saviour!

Anyone else live in a place where the temperatures get so cold outside your face will freeze?  UGH! Welcome to the Midwest.

I am an outspoken hater of cold weather! not just because it is awful but also because my garage shop is pretty much untouched for months because I am too much of a cold weather temp wimp to go brave it.

I do have a part of my basement where I can paint and such with some vents down there.  It isn’t ideal but sometimes a #girlhasgottapaint. 

Enter the Home Right Spray Shelter.


How Do You Make a Spray Paint Shelter?

You know, I am all in for “making” instead of “buying” but this time I consider it not worth it to be honest. Here’s a video of How to Build a DIY Spray Booth for under $50 in case you are interested. This can be great if you are after a big tent for large pieces.

However, in this instance, as you’ll see, I am using it to paint small items such as a lamp. Therefore the $33 price of this one is more than justified! Why even bother DIY-ing it!

This video shows you how to set it up:

Is it OK to Spray Paint Outside?

Yes, you can, however watch out for the weather, not so much because of the Tent Shelter but for the paint!

According to Krylon and their painting best practices: ” Ideally, temperatures should be between 50°F and 90°F, and relative humidity is below 85%. Avoid painting in direct sunlight and hot, humid weather“.

But, again, this Homeright Tent Shelter can be used inside and outside.

Do I Get a Large or a Small Tent Shelter?

Both if you can and you are going to use them. I have reviewed the large spray shelter before, which is great for pieces of furniture and such but it does take some set up and tear down.

This guy is awesome because it is a pop up tent, perfect for small projects like lamps and popsicle stick snowflakes I made with my daughter last week.

It folds up really small and then pops up when you need it.


Can I Use a Camping Tent as a Spray Booth?

As long as you have the right ventilation in and out the tent, it should be fine. I have heard people using those portable wardrobes as well, so you could give it a go safely wearing your mask and providing the air flow.

However, is it worth it? Unless you have a camping tent that you want to get rid of because is no longer in use, there is no point as this will be more expensive than this tent Shelter, lol.

Reasons Why You Want a Spray Booth

The reasons are convenience, speed, consistency and cleanliness.


Not always is possible to paint outdoors in amazing Mediterranean weather. Some people don’t even have an outside space!

Although you still need a dedicated space to do spray paint, any room with good ventilation will be fine as it is all contained.


Spray painting is generally quick. Not having to worry about messing up once the booth is set up speeds the process considerably.


A spray booth will also help to create a more consistent paint job. This is because the booth provides a controlled environment for painting.

It avoids outside variables that could affect the end result, such as wind or other workspace debris that may get into your current working surface.


It provides a dedicated space for the painting tasks. This can help to declutter your work surface and keep the area contained and clean.

On top of that, it is affordable and easy to set up and fold away.

And when you find a lamp on clearance at Target for $7.50 and it isn’t the right color you just make it happen!


Here is another time I used it to paint some paint stick snowflakes.


It is nice because it just collapses and comes with a little carry bag.

I tuck it away on a shelf easily.

C900051.M Spray Shelter Tabletop in Bag

And because I know you are dying to see the after of the little clearance lamp!


Gorgeous right?  I am always amazed at what a little paint will do!


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  1. Do you have any tips for dealing with the fumes,? That’s the problem that I have with spray painting indoors.

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