Home Depot Happy Dance

Hey peeps!  This is the one of the Behr paint rebate weekends at Home Depot.  You can get a $5 rebate when you purchase any gallon of Behr paint (read about it here). Glidden, Ralph Lauren and Freshaire is included also but why would you when Behr is SO FREAKIN FANTASTIC?  I am a Behr girl, what can I say?

Ok onto my Home Depot Happy Dance.  I don’t know if all Home Depot’s do this but I was perusing the aisles because they are having a huge clearance sale.  I went to the paint department and said, “Do you guys have any clearance goodies I should know about?”  And they said “Actually we have all this free paint stripper.”

FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!????  That is my middle name.  So I scored 4 ginormous bottles (64 0z) of Motsenbockers Lift Off.  Does anyone have any experience with this stuff?  I genereally use Bix or Jasco paint stripper.  But for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE I will give this stuff a shot.  I have one with your name on it Sarah!

So I did a little jig in the aisle.  I have scored other random freebies like rust remover and epoxies.  Anyone else ever had a similiar experience at Home Depot?  The ladies at the paint counter said they were discontinuing carrying this product so that is why they were giving it away for free.  FREEEEEEEE!!!