xI don’t claim to be a professional decorator, nor do I know the perfect color palette or the best furniture placement in a room. However, I am a big fan of when you walk into a bedroom you should have the bed on the most prominent wall in the room. After all, it is a BEDroom. Just my opinion…take it for what it is worth.

My friend Lisa has a little guy named Garrett who is Isaac’s age. He has upgraded to a big boy bed. She was already working with a small room and then she got a double bed for his room. The room was cramped and hard to navigate in.

Standing at the door this was your view (except imagine it with a double-sized bed and not a twin). The three pictures on the wall were just hanging out (originally they were centered under his crib).

Notice the staggered white letters that spell out Garrett’s name (on the left side of the wall) plus the plain window with white blinds. See the light guy in the lower right hand corner? That is Garrett. Hi Garrett…wave to him. Thanks!

She was kind enough to let me rearrange the furniture. We also hung four pictures on the wall (that I stole from Isaac’s room) over the bed. I wanted to put the dresser on an angle but she put the KABOSH on it. ;-(

Then we took down the white letters and spray painted them red to stand out more and hung them straight horizontally above the window. We also painted the bed frame a navy blue.

I still have to gussy up the window and figure out something to do on the wall across from the bed but I breathe easier in this room.

Garrett’s bedding is the same as Living With Lindsay’s son Zack. Have you seen what she did with his room? It is….uhhhhhMAZING! I am considering painting one of Garrett’s walls similar to what she did.

The room is in process but I wanted to show you a little sneak peak.

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  1. I am so with you about the bed on the prominent wall. It's amazing what furniture placement can do for a room!

  2. Golly Geezzz Beckie, I like what you did…but I am not always in favor of a "traditional" placement of the bed…That room reminds me of my son's room in our old house, right down to the bedding…btw, I'm not a pro either, but, I likie what I likie…most of the time…he he…have a great weekend. B:)

  3. ha! Wanna know why Beck isn't in favor of the traditional placement of a bed? 'Cause her bed is front of a window with shutters on it!!!!!

    (But it looks good, Sis. Just callin' you out, that's all.)

    I love what you've done! I painted a car mural on my sister's (Beck's) son's room at her OLD house and it looked good. I think my only regret was that I wish I had left some room for placement of a shelf or mirror or piece of furniture. I don't know…something to break up all the paint. Maybe that's the point?? To have a wall with absolutely nothing on it, but still have it be interesting?

  4. My son's room is also tiny and he's about ready for the upgrade, too. So I'm really looking forward to this.
    Although I won't be repainting. His room is a pale butter yellow with an abstract mural of muted blue and green. Which I painted last year (?)
    I painted a large gingham check on a whole wall of my dear friend / neighbor's daughter. It was a lot of fun because not only did I get to do something I loved, someone else watched my kids while I did it HAHA!

  5. Of course, thank you for helping with Garrett's room, also. The wall mural sounds awesome; I'm interested to see it. Thanks for taking the time to "fix" my my sons "baby-decorated" room. Now it's starting to be more of a little boy's room. It'd be great if I'd fix his bed from falling through the frame so often.

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