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Have you ever ventured into the hardware store to see what you can find to create with? I was hanging with my friend Rebecca today and she came up with a simple yet adorable hex nut necklace.

It is so painfully easy but such a simple statement piece as well. It goes well with just a plain t-shirt or you can dress it up and add other necklaces with it.

They can be fine, light and simple, like this one, or bigger and bold like this Chunky Necklace made with Hardware Store Items or more sophisticated like this Mixed Metal Filigree Ball Necklace.

hex nut necklace


  • Hex Brass Nuts #6-32 (found at Home Depot) $.98
  • Small brass or gold jump rings
  • Brass or gold clasp
  • Gold filled or plated chain
  • Jeweler’s Pliers

hex nut necklace

Step 1

Gold prices are up right now so to find gold filled chain might be pricier than you want to spend. However, Michaels or Hobby Lobby should carry some gold plated delicate chain.

Cut your chain to 18”.

Step 2

Using your jeweler’s pliers attach the gold jump rings onto the end of the chain.

Since the chain is so thin and delicate you could also use split rings if you want which would be sturdier.

Step 3

Attach your clasp to one of the jump rings.Thread the bolts on the necklace and you are done.

brass nut necklace

hex nut necklace (2)

Check it out layered with the Stella & Dot inspired tassel necklace.

I am loving the mixed metal look lately and adore these two pieces together.

hex nut necklace

Love hardware inspired jewelry pieces…

Nuts & Bolts Necklace


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  1. Holy crap! Are you kidding me? That’s so CUTE! Thanks for the inspiration, off to the hardware store ;o)

  2. The funny thing about this post is on the soap opera General Hospital one of the characters has been walking around with a big lug nut around her neck. This reminds me of the same concept. Me on the other hand will keep the nuts and bolts in the garage for my husband.

  3. I need to make this necklace for myself because it immediately reminded me of my life–5 nuts, 1 family!

  4. omg… This is awesome!! You girls are so clever!! I would have never thought of anyhing like that. Great job!

  5. I love this! I would have never thought of this and I think it is brilliant. I might be making a trip to the hardware store tomorrow 🙂

  6. I have some spare nuts that I bought for a DIY hex nut bracelet project that turned out to be too big of the two sizes I bought. Just tried stringing 3 of them on a dainty gold chain like you have, and I LOVE IT!!! Going to do this with silver too. Maybe one with both colors. xx

    Here is a look at my first attempt at the bracelet (going to try again with better sized nuts & leather cord). DIY Tutorial from Honestly WTF.


  7. I love these!! And yes, they really are a statement piece…somebody giving you a hard time? Tell them to suck your nuts! 🙂

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