Heirloom Party

I got invited to an Heirloom Party from Emma Calls Me Mommy. We are supposed to go get our camera and take pictures of treasures that have been handed down to us by family members or friends that have special meaning to us.

It was really hard to try to focus on just one heirloom. My home is decorated with a zillion hand-me-downs. But when I thought about it this is what came to mind…

That brown secretary desk was my husband’s great grandmothers. Tim’s grandpa actually remembers his mom sitting at that desk in her room when he was a boy. We figured it is over 100 years old.

Unfortunately we have moved over 10 times since having this and it had taken a beating. I thought about refinishing it and restoring it back to its original state but then I realized I wanted to showcase it. Therefore, it needed to be black to match my family room. I also changed out the knobs to crystal ones.

Who knows maybe one day when my decor changes I may refinish this back to the original wood. I love the detail on it and it is a solid, well-built piece. It also has a cool skeleton key that locks it which gives it even more character.

Oh and I just thought of one more thing. It hasn’t necessarily been passed down quite yet. However, I am hoping this will one day be an heirloom treasure.

I had Tim’ grandma Betty make Kayla a twin-size quilt for her one day soon “big girl bed”. Since Kayla is only 6 months old right now it hangs on her wall waiting to grace that bed one day. The special significance for us is that Grandma Betty is who Kayla Elizabeth was named after.

(Kayla meeting her Mimi for the first time last week in Atlanta)

Do you have any special heirlooms? Come to the party, it isn’t too late. See you there!