Happy Meal Toy Wreath

Some of you may think this is ugly but you have to at least appreciate the creativity behind it along with the fact that all of these plastic pieces are not sitting in a landfill somewhere, right?


If you are a mother of young ones you have happy meal toys, legos, and small pieces from games long gone hanging around your house. I had a blank wall in the playroom that needed something so I thought I would make a wreath for the spot out of all old toys. Crazy thought? Probably, but bear with me.

18” wire wreath
truckload of small toys
hot glue gun
5 or so glue sticks
heavy duty wire
strips of fabric

1. I started with an 18” wire wreath I got for $1.50 on sale at Joann Fabrics. I wanted more surface for the hot glue to adhere to so I took strips of old fabric and wrapped it around hot gluing it in place.

2. Then I just had a field day putting the toy wreath puzzle together making toys fit in place. I used hot glue for the whole thing.

IMG_0350 IMG_0351

This Elmo car was actually on top of Isaac’s first birthday cake. It is sentimental but what else was I going to do with it? I guess do what most of you probably do with stuff like that…have it sitting in a box somewhere. No way, let’s put it on display!

IMG_03523. Then I wrapped heavy duty wire around the top of it for a hanger.

IMG_03534. When it was mostly filled with toys I hung the wreath in place on a wall that way I could see how it hung and where I needed to place more toys. As you can see from the picture I still had a lot of bare spots.IMG_0354 5. Keep filling, gluing and adding more toys until it looks full and the way you like it. Legos make great fillers for small spots. Amazingly enough none of the toys fell off. I thought for sure that in the morning I would have toys all over the floor. But there was not one casualty. I guess 5 glue sticks does the trick.

IMG_0394IMG_0395 6. Stand back and admire your handiwork asking yourself is it cute or just plain ugly? Hmmmmmm….