Happy 2010

newyear card

Hello and welcome to 2010.  Doesn’t that sound so weird?  Well I am back and ready for a new year.  I took a week off from blogging to spend time with my family and enjoy the holidays. 

I was thinking about this time last year and I had just started “Operation Project Month” to keep my mind occupied while I was waiting for my baby girl to arrive.  Now Kayla is almost one year old.  Unbelievable!

IMG_4346 So are you a resolution maker?  I know some of you totally buck New Year’s resolutions because it is so cliche.  However I think looking to improve negative aspects of my life is never cliche.  So I have made a few that I am hoping will turn into healthy habits. 

My big one is to PUT THINGS BACK RIGHT AWAY.  I think if I actually change this pattern in my life my husband would think I am the perfect wife.  I can’t tell you how many hours I have spent looking for my camera to take a picture of a project for you people.  The question of the day is always, “Babe, have you seen my camera?” 

I am an organized person but not a creature of habit.  So I can organize the life out of my house only to start a project and misplace stuff.  It drives me BONKERS!

I will organize a kitchen cupboard and then be in such a rush while cooking I just throw items back in there without taking care to place it in its proper place.  A couple of months of that and it is in total disarray and the contents of my cabinets fall out when I open the doors.  Annoying!

So I am trying to change my thinking and make a conscious effort daily to put stuff back in its place.  It is definitely hard to change.  I figure it will take me less time to clean, I will have a cleaner house and I won’t waste so much time hunting for things.  It sounds to me like it is a New Year’s resolution worth keeping.