Halloween Pillow with Candy Corn Pom Poms

Happy almost Halloween yall! I made an adorable DIY Halloween Pillow with Candy Corn Pom Poms.

It was so quick and easy since I got some help from IKEA…read on to find out how I made this adorable Halloween Pillow that even your kids can help you make!

How to make the Pom-Poms

There are a zillion different ways to make pom poms but I decided to purchase the Clover Extra Large Pom Pom Maker

They make perfectly large symmetrical poms every time.  Plus they are easy to use, even a child could use it.

clover pom pom maker

Have you ever seen Semi Homemade with Sandra Lee?  Well this pillow is semi-homemade by Rebecca Marie (yep that is my real name!). 

I decided to use an IKEA pillow cover (the Gurli one which doesn’t exist anymore). I can’t even make a pillow with a zipper cheaper than $4 for the Gurli ones.

Using the Silhouette Cameo for the letters

Then I used my Silhouette Cameo machine to cut out vinyl as as stencil.  I used transfer tape to adhere it to the front of the pillow.

halloween stencil

Then I mixed one part Martha Stewart Fabric Medium with two parts paint. 

I used a Handled Squeegee brush to scrape the paint onto the stencil.

fabric medium with pillow
stenciled halloween pillow

I let it soak in for about three minutes and then I removed the stencil.

Once the paint dried I used a press cloth over the design and ironed it. 

Then I took a sanding sponge to the paint to give it less of a shine and look a little worn. 

Sewing the Pom-Poms

Next I moved onto sewing the poms on.

So in order to attach the poms I had to cut off the three edges of the Gurli pillow, keeping the zipper in place so that I could stick the poms in and then resew it. 

So instead of it being a 20″ x 20″ it was more like an 18″ x 18″.

(Note: Make sure you open the zipper when you sew it so you can turn it right side out when done)

halloween pom pom pillow
pom poms on a pillow

On all the poms I made sure to keep the long threads that I used to tie the poms together. 

Those are the strings I used to sew into the pillow. So with the three edges cut I stuck the poms inside with the threads in the corner sticking out ready to sew. 

Then I pinned it tightly.

pom pom pillow halloween

While sewing I pulled the yarn strings tight so that the poms would be as close as possible to the corners.

candy corn pom pom pillow

Then I clipped the corners and turned it right side out.

candy corn pillow
pom poms on a pillow
halloween pillow with pom poms

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