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If you’ve been following me for long, you may know that we LOVE Halloween in the Farrant household. I am sharing an old blog post as I took a walk down memory lane and saw this quick little pumpkin skirt I sewed for Kayla. It’s easy and so adorable. Dressing up my Kayla was so much fun…like my real life Amercian Girl doll. ­čÖé But many years later, she doesn’t let mom dress her up anymore and has her own opinions on what she’ll wear! Follow along as I share how I whipped up this cute pumpkin skirt which is still just as adorable today as it was back then. 




Orange Knit Fabric

Green Knit Fabric

Serger or Sewing Machine

Rotary cutter, mat and quilting ruler

Green serger thread

I have made a ton of skirts out of old t-shirts and knit material before.  They are super simple to make and they are so comfortable to wear.  My daughter lives in these paired with leggings in cooler weather.  The green thread on these makes it looks like a pumpkin.  Super cute to wear for the month of October and it takes less than 30 minutes to make.  This pattern is for a 4-5T but can easily be altered bigger or smaller.

1.  Cut your orange knit fabric panels 3†at the top and the bottom edge 5†by the length you want the skirt to be. It is easier to cut top and then bottom, bottom and then top to not waste fabric like I did below. I ended up using 9 panels for a 4t-5t skirt.

orange pumpkin skirt

2.  Next sew or serge each of the panels together with the seams outward using the green thread.  Tip: I had to hand wind three other spools so that I wouldn’t have to buy 4 separate spools of green thread.

green serger thread

pumpkin skirt

3. Sew the last panels together to connect the skirt bottom.

how to make a pumpkin skirt

pumpkin skirt diy

4.  Measure your child’s waist and cut a length of green knit fabric to that measurement plus 1/2â€.  The width of the fabric depends on how thick of a band you want.  Mine was 7â€.

pumpkin skirt waistband

5.  Fold in half with wrong sides together and sew or serge the ends together.

green waistband for pumpkin skirt

6.  Fold it in half lengthwise and pin it to the edge of the skirt.  I like the seams on the inside for the waist band.  Sew or serge the waistband in place.

how to sew a pumpkin skirt

how to make a pumpkin skirt

7.  You can either wear the waistband high or fold it over like a yoga pant waistband.

pumkin skirt waist band halloween skirt

8. To finish off the bottom of the skirt serge the bottom edge or just leave it since it won’t unravel since it is knit fabric.

halloween pumpkin skirt

Pair it with the pumpkin bun hair and you have yourself a pretty darling little pumpkin pie!

halloween outfit

pumpkin skirt for halloween

pumpkin skirt sewing

little girls pumpkin skirt


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