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Kayla is in Pre-K three days a week.  One day my hubby has some daughter-daddy time and the other day she spends time with mommy.  We usually visit Beau-Nonni (her grandma), run errands, do crafts or go shopping.  She absolutely loves art and I am always looking for useful projects she can do.  Yesterday she got a card in the mail from her other grandma and is itching to write her back.  So today I came up with come cut out Halloween cards that she could color or use washi tape behind it to dress it up.  She loves getting to use mommy’s special tape so she was all over it.  I made the Silhouette files available for those that have the machine.  This would be a great Halloween classroom craft for teacher’s too.

Halloween Kid Crafts ~ Get the free cut file to make these cute Halloween cards with your kids. They can get creative with washi tape, paint, crayons, etc!


Ghost card Silhouette file

Bat card Silhouette file

Pumpkin card Silhouette file

white cardstock

glue stick

Silhouette machine

Exacto knife

washi tape

pens, pencils, markers, crayons, stickers


optional: paper cutter

1.  You might have to adjust where you put the cardstock down on your cutting mat in order to get a centered cut.  Just play with it until you figure out perfect placement.  You also might need an Exacto knife to cut the edges.

silhouette mat adjustment


2.  With a paper cutter or scissors cut your 8 1/2” x 11” piece of cardstock in fourths.  This will give you 4 pieces of cardstock for 4 cards.  That will be what you color or adhere washi tape to.

washi tape halloween cards

3.  Be creative and use stickers, washi tape, pens, markers, pencils, etc. to color the cardstock.  This is the best part!

handmade halloween cards

4.  When complete trim all the sides of the decorated cardstock down 1/4”.  Then use your glue stick to adhere it to the underneath of cut out image inside the card.

homemade halloween cards

5.  Flatten it between two books until dry.  Pop into an envelope and send it away.

The nice part about this project is kids and adults can take part and enjoy the process.  Here are the ones Kayla made.

halloween cut out greeting cards

halloween cards

pumpkin halloween greeting card

And here are the washi tape ones I made.

Halloween greeting card

pumpkin card

ghost card

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  1. This is too fun! Dare I say I like Kayla’s work better? The beauty of kids artwork sometimes… I especially love her apple! And what a neat “dispenser” for your washi tape.

  2. I love this idea. So perfect to do with kids. I also love the cute “dispenser”. Where oh where did you get it?!!

  3. Adorable! It’s so fun seeing how different the project can look depending on the patterns and colors used. Shh, don’t tell anyone- I still love coloring books! 🙂

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