Project #7 Hair Clippie Craze!

I told you one of these days I was going to go on a hair clippie rage. I needed to fill this right? The funny part is Kayla will probably refuse to wear them. But they will make nice baby shower gifts. I mean no little girl needs 19 plus clippies, right? LOL! I think I have a few to spare. But once I started making them I could not stop. I want to be a little girl again and wear them. 🙂

I ordered all my alligator clips from ebay a couple weeks back. They were $5.85 for 100 of them. All the ribbon I used for these particular ones is 3/8.” Check out these fabulous tutes on everything clippie and bow. Here’s the basic bow and how to cover them. They are so quick and easy to make once you start.