Guest Post: Twice Lovely

I have a special guest here for you to oogle over.  Twice Lovely rocks the furniture refabs!  Another creative blog to follow peeps!  Please give a warm IC welcome to Ann Marie. Take it away…
I want to thank Beckie for inviting us to do a guest post on her blog!  I’m a long-time fan, but will try to contain the gushing and keep the hero-worship at tolerable levels.  We are truly honored.
As an introduction to those of you who may not know us, I’m Ann Marie, one-half of the dynamic duo know as Twice Lovely.  My best friend Cara and I set out a few short months ago to put our backgrounds in Fine Art and Interior Design (respectively) to use by making cast-off, out-of-date, or otherwise down-trodden furniture- fresh, stylish, and lovely once more.
Cara and I are both artistic personalities, and as such, we LOVE color!  It makes my little artistic heart sing when a client comes (as one recently did) and wants something colorful and totally unique.  Even better when they totally trust your vision and you can completely let loose.  You can start with a bunch of ho-hum:
…and end up with something really fabulous:
But what is a girl to do when you don’t know the particular direction to go with a piece?  Well, here’s a very effective method that we utilize from time to time and one we also suggest to clients who look at us with a blank stare when we ask “What do you want to do with this piece?  What’s your vision?”
Find an inspiration room.
The internet is a VAST resource to find gorgeous rooms that fit your particular style, with colors that make you jump up and down, and treatments that make your heart go pitter-pat.  Better Homes and Gardens, Decor Pad, and My Home Ideas are just a few of the great resources out there, a virtual plethora of pictures to peruse until your heart’s content.
Cara found this (quite lovely) room:
blogger bleu 001 …and asked herself, “Self.  If it were to live in this room, what would this coffee table look like?”
french coffee 001
Here was her answer…
french coffee 009
I recently acquired a set of four chairs and a round pedestal table from two separate Roadkill Rescues.  (Yes.  All free.  I know.  Hate me.)  They were naturally destined to be a set.
Now, I am a HUGE fan of the lovely Miss Mustard Seed and quite inspired by her lovely guest room.
bedside3 copy
Red happens to be my favorite color, and I love the touches of red, with the white and the naturals intermixed, but I especially loved the clever way she used the jute upholstery webbing to trim out the curtains and tie up the faux roman shade (genius!!):
DSC_0033_edited DSC_0061_edited
And Martha used it too for this rug.  (If it’s good enough for Martha and Miss Mustard Seed, it’s most certainly good enough for me!)
So, with my Roadkill Rescue dining set, I asked myself, “Self.  If it were to be in Miss Mustard Seed’s guest bedroom, what would this dining set look like?”  (I know dining sets don’t go in guest rooms.  Work with me here!)  And here’s my dining set, a la Miss Mustard Seed (complete with some hand-painted details):
Ah, what a little paint can do…  Speaking of paint, are you all ready to link up your projects at The CSI Project’s Paint Party?  I know the TL gals will be there with bells on.  Now I just need to decide which project to link up…  🙂
Thanks again, Beckie, for letting us take over today!  Check out our blog at Twice Lovely to see more of what we do!