Please welcome Amanda from Serenity Now.  I have had the privilege of talking to Amanda on the phone and coaching her a little in this big, bad world of blogging. 🙂 She is really sweet and 100% authentic.  Please welcome…Amanda.


Hello there! My name is Amanda and I blog over at Serenity Now. I’m a stay-at-home mom (hence the need for a little bit of serenity) with a penchant for shoes, Target, and anything chocolate. My blog is a mish-mash of my attempts at crafty things, thrifty finds, recipes, musings on everything from fashion to TV, and funny stories of the slightly organized chaos that is my life.

I am so excited to be sharing on Beckie’s blog today. I’m a planner, so even though my oldest’s birthday isn’t until December, I’ve been shopping for Cinderella party supplies for a few months. I thought it might be fun to try my hand at making a thrifty party favor. Today’s craft starts with a paper towel roll.

(Crickets chirping) Did I lose you yet? I promise it gets better! I laid the roll on some 12” x 12” scrapbook paper and cut it to fit the length with just barely overlap on the seams. Some good old Elmer’s glue held the paper down just fine, but I placed a strip of Scotch tape on the bottom seam for extra hold.

I inked the edges of the tube with blue ink to coordinate with the paper and then hot glued one end shut.

After filling the favor with treats, I hot glued the other end shut and got to work on some embellishments. I lost my acrylic crown stamp, so I had to draw that on. If you are organized, you could just not lose your stamp and use it, unlike some people. I closed the other end a different way to see which look I liked better. You can decide for yourself.

I love embellishing stuff. I had some solid colored papers, clear acrylic stamps, and gift ribbon in my craft stash, so I used those to layer and make a little extra "fluff" for the favor. I used some scrap paper to make a "ring" to go around the roll:


You could use these for just about any party: Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day. Preschoolers everywhere would love you, and you can’t beat the price! These didn’t cost me a dime. A big thanks to Beckie for being willing to share her blog with me today! I am so appreciative of her willingness to give advice to smaller bloggers and for the opportunity to *meet* you. I hope you’ll hop over to Serenity Now and visit with me. Happy crafting!

Hand downs Amanda is the best commenter in blogland.  She is always heartfelt and her comments are always meaningful.  Thanks for cheering me on Amanda…and sometimes being among only a few to comment on some of my posts.

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  1. So darling Amanda, I love this! You're right, this will work for any party! Great feature Beckie, Amanda is the best!

  2. Amanda really is the best commenter (:
    I love this idea. I bet the little kids will adore their favors! Natalie is one lucky princess (:

  3. Love those! They would be great for a bridal shower also-with the new initial if the bride is changing her name!

  4. Thank you, Beckie, for featuring my project! 🙂 And thanks to the sweet bloggers who commented before me….I'm gonna get a big head! 😉

  5. Oh Amanda, you know I love your blog. What a nice surprise to find you over here! This is super cute! I'll have to trow a party just to use it!

  6. Amanda those are just too cute! I think they would make awesome party favors for the Halloween party I'm planning in a few weeks! Thanks for the great idea:)

  7. So cute! And I love thrifty even more! I can't believe you drew the crown by hand! Perfect!

  8. LOVE it! What a great idea & soooo easy to make too, this is going in my list of must tries 🙂

  9. Way to go, Amanda! Those are SO cute, and you're right–you're going to be adored by those preschoolers! Maybe you'll be as adored by them as much as you're adored by the people who appreciate you for your wonderful presence in blogland!

    Beckie, thank you for featuring Amanda. It's nice to get a little bit of two of my favorite bloggers right here in one fell swoop. 🙂

  10. super fun idea!! my brain is spinning thinking of when i could use this idea!! love it.


  11. I love this! I wish I had kids so I could have a party to use this idea! I'll definitiely have to keep this in my list of neverending crafting ideas for when I do have a use for them! Great idea!

  12. Really really cute Amanda. And so creative and thrifty. I love it!!


  13. …great idea!! We made some 'spirit tubes' for the girls with Cheerleading…but these are by far…cuter!! Thanks for sharing your ideas!!

  14. great idea! love it! this would be so cool for so many things…i'm thinking teacher appreciation week too!

  15. Adorable! I'm thinking of so many ways to use these…and wondering how I can turn them into those english christmas poppers! Thanks for the great idea:)

  16. That's super cute! Thanks so much for the great idea, I'll be linking.

  17. Amanda, These are great. I am planning my daughters 10th bday party and we are doing an art gallery spend the night party, and the girls will be making most of the things that they go home with but I think that this would be a nice way to package the art kit for each girl. We are only having 4 girls over and I think that I will fill these with colored pencils or crayons to go with the mini books that I am making also.

  18. So great to see Amanda here- she rocks! What a cute idea for a party- and creative way to use those paper towel rolls.

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