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Hey ya’ll!  Have you kept up to date with the 30-day makeover challenge with HGTV Home Fabric and Joann Fabrics on Instagram (#hgtvhomemagic)?   I have joined Jen from Tatertots & Jello, Jamielyn from I Heart Naptime and Kari from Ucreate to revamp an entire room in 30 days with some HGTV Home fabric from Joann Fabric and Crafts – the final reveal will be August 22nd with a big Pinterest party and Google + hangout (stay tuned for my information on that!). Today is the first time I am finally starting to add the fabric.  I set the stage with the planked and 2×4 shelved wall and showed you Monday the amazing hanging beds we made.  Now is the time to add pops with some gorgeous fabric!


In case you don’t remember the fabrics I chose for Isaac’s bedroom makeover here they are…


So I started out using the HGTV HOME Jigsaw Malachite fabric to make some grommet topped curtains on some pipe curtain rods.


I purchased the Large Square Striped grommets from Jo–Ann Fabrics and Crafts for half off.  So I got two packages for $13.  I like grommets especially in a kids room because they are easier to open and close for little hands.


Curtains are fairly simple to make.  I used the entire width of the fabric and then cut the length about 12” longer than I wanted them to be.  I pressed the sides under 1/4” and then a 1/2” and then the top I pressed under 1/2” and then 5” to give the grommets a place to attach to.  Then I sewed all three sides leaving the bottom unhemmed.



hemming-curtains (2)

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy these grommets where to snap into place. 

Tip: When trying to space the grommets apart make sure you divide the number of spaces between grommets (not the number of grommets) by the width of your fabric.  The way I did it was I attached a grommet at the left and right of the fabric.  Then I measured the space between the two grommets and divided that by 7 spaces to figure out how to evenly space the 6 grommets leftover.

When you have that measurement use a fabric pen to draw the circles on the back of your fabric with the enclosed template. 


Cut them out with some sharp small scissors. 


Put the bottom of the grommet through to the front of the fabric and snap the top in place.  Easy peasy!  There is a little give so if they are little crooked you can fix them easily.


I used all 8 grommets on one panel.  That way they close nicely with the edges laying towards the windows.


Next I made some pipe curtain rods to go with the flow of the hanging beds and the industrial vibe I had going on.  I followed Tricia’s (from Simplicity in the South) tutorial and they worked perfect.  And the price was right!  I purchased all the supplies at Lowes for less than $20.  And they cut the pipe to size for me…bonus!


The only bummer about the pipe curtain rods is hemming them.  You have to hang the curtains in place and then measure and then remove the rod to get the curtains off to hem.  Unless you are a cheater like me.  Here is a little video to show how I did it.

And they are perfect. 

grommet topped curtains

 Click here to see the final room reveal.




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  1. Beckieeeee!


    LOVE the fabric.

    LOVE the industrial/unique vibe in the room.

    LOVE how talented and creative you are! (and that you’re not ashamed to cut corners when necessary!!!)

    You rock.. 🙂

  2. Cracking me up! Easy Peasy–just drag the sewing maching into the room! The look really good and I would have not thought ahead to have them lay inward as you did–clever thinking PRIOR to doing the job. They look great. I can’t wait to see all these reveals!!!

  3. I love this fabric, and I can’t wait to see the entire room comes together. Looking around my house for where I could hang curtains like this. You must be the queen of time management. I can’t believe how you can get all this done, blog about, and be wife/mom! You should do some posts on how to “get it done”!

  4. Love how this room is turning out! I’m a big fan of greens, so I’m enjoying these fabrics. When you told Tricia, Christy and myself about the beds at Haven I was really trying to image them…they are way more awesome than I had pictured! ~Sonya

  5. I have a question. How do you get the curtains on the pipe – if it is screwed into the wall? what am i missing? Help!!!

  6. I put the curtains onto the pipe before screwing them into the wall. To remove them I will have to unscrew the flange. It’s a pain but totally worth it to me!

  7. Ha! I guess it’s one of those things you have to see. So glad you are liking everything! I’m super pumped about the room so far and can’t wait for the reveal!

  8. I have to have some of this fabric. I have been waiting for fabric in these exact colors for my playroom. I just bought some Pantone Paint from Lowes in this color green to paint my end tables. I love it and great job by the way. Lesley

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