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I am so excited to host a Great Ideas Day linky party. 


I rarely ever have linky parties so I am a little nervous I might be the only one who shows up.  But that is okay…I can rock a party by myself, right? Here is why I love the idea of a Great Ideas Day linky.

1.  I am the first person to tell people about a product I love, a restaurant that is wonderful, a movie I adored, a recipe my family loved, etc.  I love it when people share in my love of something.  It makes me happy when someone buys a product I love and they love just as much.

2.  I am always looking for tips, tricks and ideas to make my life easier, my home cleaner, chaos streamlined, and my family life richer and special.

3.  Everyone has a great idea!  There is one thing that you do that I don’t know about that.  Even if it is a small tip I WANT TO KNOW! Do you have a beauty secret or product you love? An idea for storing socks, belts or underwear (I would totally love to know that!)? How to stretch a buck on vacations?  Come on I know you have a good idea!

So here are my Great Ideas…

1. I have a tad obsession with kitchen gadgets.  I actually asked my mom to buy me a breadmaker when I went off to college.  And yes I still have and use said bread machine.  My latest obsession is frozen yogurt.

I have been trying to lose some el — bees so frozen yogurt is a sweet treat that is low cal. Well we got a new yogurt shop in our town called Ella’s.  Many of you Utahans and west coasters have yogurt shops all over the place but this is pretty big stuff for Indianapolis.  Well after spending $60 in like a week time frame there (ok, I exaggerate) I decided to buy one myself.cuisinart frozen yogurt maker


Cuisinart ICE-21R Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker, Red

After a bunch of research I got the Cuisinart one.  What I love about this one is that you put the bowl in the freezer.  When it is frozen you take it out and then add your ingredients to the frozen bowl and pop it on the machine for a bit.  It literally takes like 15 minutes to freeze and no salt or ice needed.  LOVES!

2.  I have been on a chocolate chip cookie making spree since school started.  I love those Nestle or Toll House ready made cookies.  But they are pricey!  So I just make my own frozen cookies balls using the Original Nestle Tollhouse Cookie recipe.

To make the perfect cookies I use Pampered Chef Small Scoop.  They make just the right sized cookies and they come out to a 100 calories each.  One recipe makes about 75 cookies with that scoop.  I then flash freeze them for 30 minutes and then take them out and put them in a Ziploc freezer bag and store them.


Then you pop them out when you are ready and cookie them (frozened) for 6 1/2 minutes.  Perfect size, perfect cookie.

3.  The 5 Love Languages and The 5 Love Language for Kids

I know many of you have read this book.  But if you haven’t it will revolutionize your relationships with your spouse and children.  It is a hugely popular book but it is worth repeating or rereading if it has been a while.THE 5 LOVE LANGUAGES

Back when my husband and I were dating I remember going out and spending like $150 on some new clothes for him.  I was so excited to show him what I had picked out for him.  He was grateful but he was disappointed.  His first concern was how much I spent on him.  Of course, I was completely offended because it was a GIFT and to me, it didn’t matter how much I spent.  The fact that I thought about him and went from store to store to pick out something he liked was valuable to me.

Later on in the week, he wrote me this amazing love letter filled to the brim with how wonderful he thought I was and why he adored me.  I appreciated the letter but after a few weeks he was so upset when he found it shoved in a basket with my coupons.

Here is the deal…my love language is “receiving gifts†Tim’s love language is “words of affirmation.† Naturally we love people the way we want to be loved.  So in buying Tim clothes I was just doing for him what I would have loved for him to do for me.  This book opens your eyes to how to love those around you the way they want to be loved.

And because I am feeling all sentimental and want to love on my readers one of you who link up will win all of my “GREAT IDEAS!† I am giving away a Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt Maker, the Pampered Chef Small Scoop and a copy of The 5 Love languages to one lucky Great Idea Day participant!  So link up below.

So what is your GREAT IDEA?

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  1. As a Pampered Chef consultant, I too love gadgets and use the small scoop for cookies! Did you know that the large scoop is the perfect size for cupcakes and muffins?

  2. One of my “great ideas” is the “Like Book” It’s a fantastic and unique way to communicate with the loved ones in your life… particularly spouses and children. The pace of life today makes it difficult to find the time to tell those we love just how we feel… This book allows you to do so simply and frequently. And it provides a treasured keepsake for you and your loved ones. We added this to the bedtime routine for my 2 and 4 yr olds about 6 months ago and it’s been a huge hit. The kids love to hear what we “like” about them and also love to chime in about what they “like” about one another. We also purchased the couples book and in front of the kids, tell one another what we “like”. The kids enjoy chiming in there, too. It’s just a simple, but wonderful concept that has made a huge difference in our family.

    Here’s the site with more info:

    FYI – Plum District was running a special on these books a few days ago – not sure if it’s still running… might be worth checking out.

    Thanks so much for this “party” – I LOVED reading your tips / great ideas and can’t wait to see others’!

  3. I like to consider myself a pretty big book nerd and I didn’t know there is a love language book for kids. I must read it! Thank you for hosting the party and giveaway! You are so sweet!

  4. Wow, uh-mazing giveaway!!! 🙂 I love it all! In fact, we were just talking about the love languages book today at a playdate. None of us have read either one, but really want to! Thanks for hosting! 🙂

  5. Great idea for a party. I don’t blog but if you have a large family like we do (5 kids) The make a mix books (amazon kindle) are fantastic. Basically making bulk premixes then recipies to use the base mixes. It’s awesome.

  6. I am obsessed with kitchen gadgets too. I use my bread machine ($5 garage sale find) bunches. We have not read the book, and have had it on our agenda for a couple of years. Great giveaway!

  7. well ; I just made a graham cracker crust for a sugar free pudding ( will be made with skim milk ) and sugar free cool whip for a low cost ,low sugar ,and low calorie dessert for tonight ; it’s not done so I don’t have a picture ( the crust is in the oven ……………………) I used my PAMPERED CHEF rolling pin and a gallon sized ZIPLOC bag for the crust to crush graham crackers , since the crumbs are kinda pricey !!! Milk was on sale for $2.49 a gallon ; pudding has gone up , but is still a good deal ! I am using 1 box of chocolate and 1 cheesecake ; it’s really good , too !!! Saturday we attended a cook out ; I made rice Krispy treats with and off brand cereal that was on sale !!!!!! off brand FRESH marshmellows ; about 3/4 cup of milk chocolate chips and some cinnamon , and they were oh , so , tasty and ECONOMICAL !!!
    If the link is still up when I get the pudding stuff done ; I will link it up to my flickr acct !!!

  8. I have the same ice cream maker – love it! I also have the attachment for my kitchen aid mixer…it’s nice being able to make a double batch of simple ice cream and making two different versions by adding in a variety of stuff!

  9. wow. I’ve never met someone else who has (or admits to) the same love language as me! Most of the time I HATE the fact that I’m a “gifts” person, but boy do I love them! lol

    I’ve read the book, but it would be worth a second go around, and learning my kids’ will be a huge benefit to each of them was well, off to the library I suppose!

  10. I’ve got all three of the items you have listed and love them all! However, my cuisinart looks different since I got it over a decade ago. Funny though, I usually only use it to freeze coke or lemonade. My daughter looked at it the last time I had it out and said in shock “this is a yogurt maker???” She had no idea! I always use my scoop for cookies and meatballs, I have them in 3 sizes! And the book is genius. Such a great book to read during the first year of marriage (we are going on 14 years now and it keeps getting better).

    thanks for sharing!

  11. I love the scoop idea! I hate when I can’t get the perfect amount for each cookie. I end up with some sticking together and some burning which is frustrating. I linked up my great idea. I’m enjoying everyone’s great ideas as well!

  12. I love a good tip to make my life easier! Great idea for a party! (see my comment in FB to you… I don’t think my Google reader is current with your postings… so I did not initially see the annoucement for this party. Maybe other readers will have the same issue?)
    Thanks for hosting, girl!

  13. I love that you have them all…that is kind of funny. I would have never thought to make frozen lemonade with it. I am so trying that this week.

  14. Beckie, I think this party is a Great Idea! I do love tips–simple little ways to make life easier. Thanks for rounding up a bunch! And thanks for the giveaway. Wow! Who wouldn’t want to win?

    Good luck dropping the ell-bees. If I could shed a few, my ell-bees and your ell-bees could have a party themselves! 🙂

  15. Your cookie dough looks sooo delicious! Yummy!!! Do we have to link up in order to enter this giveaway!? Just in case- here is my idea! To store ground beef , I throw it all in a large freezer bag, flatten it out then divided in squares, perfect servings! My kids make a huge mess of their bookshelf so I give them each a bookmark to mark the spot they took their book out so that way they can put it back the right way! Not new ideas but they help me! Thanks!

  16. What a great idea for a link party! So nice to see a fresh take on it. 🙂

    I linked up my instant pretty fingernail trick for getting those nice DIY photoshoots. Just do NOT do what I did first… more in post. 😀 #59

    Off to go Facebook your new partay!!


  17. Hope it’s ok I joined in too! I know we have a ton of yogurt shops out here in Utah, but I didn’t realize it wasn’t the same elsewhere! Fun that you found a gadget that makes them! And those chocolate chip cookies look tasty – now I just need one of those scoops! Thanks for the linky party & I’m off to explore some of the other fabulous ideas!

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